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Turkey Trot Running Club Slogans PhotoEvery Thanksgiving many brave souls around the country challenge themselves to go for a jog prior to (or after) their big Thanksgiving feast. These “turkey trotters” usually travel in packs, and it makes for quite the event during the holiday. So in honor of all you crazy turkey trotters out there, we’ve compiled a list of some clever slogans for turkey trot t-shirts, along with some creative turkey trot t-shirt design ideas to to help you get started on a design.

Feel free to use any of our ideas to make custom tees, long sleeves, or custom hoodies for the event. And whether you win the trot or not, at least you’ll be earning your dinner!

Turkey Trot Slogans and Design Ideas for T-Shirts

Run like a beast before you feast.

Huffin’ & puffin for turkey & stuffin’



Park Street Pulverizers” & “What’s your Superpower?” win this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

IOTW winner
“For the past 2+ years we’ve used CustomInk to create t-shirts for our Quidditch team, the Park Street Pulverizers, at Emerson College. In this photo you can see our most recent order (the safety orange color), as well as t-shirts of years past, our old jerseys, and a crewneck we printed last winter (seen bottom left).

This photo was taken after our victory over another Emerson team on October 19th. It was our first time wearing the most recent printing of the t-shirts, and we broke them in with joy and sweat, the way they’re intended to be worn!”

IOTW winner
“I make custom dolls for sick children. What’s your SUPERPOWER? We are a group of nearly 200 volunteers who create custom handmade dolls and donate them to sick children fighting cancer and other illnesses. The kids we make dolls for are the TRUE superheroes but we think some of their superpowers rub off onto us when we make their dolls… they are amazingly brave and such an inspiration to us! Our volunteers are all over the world so it’s impossible for us to get a group photo so we decided to take superhero t-shirt selfies! Here are just a few of our talented doll makers. Thank you CustomInk for helping us spread our mission, we love our new shirts!”

Visit the contest and Like your favorites.


Drumline Sayings and Quotes PhotoBe the coolest members of your marching band by choosing one of our creative drumline team sayings below. You can add them to custom band t-shirts or band hoodies to rock out while practicing, in school, or on the field. Just pick a saying, quote, or slogan, and head into our online design lab to make your own personalized drumline creation. It’s super easy and lots of fun!

Creative and Fun Drumline T-Shirt Sayings & Slogans

Drumline: Heartbeat of the band

The only section that doesn’t blow.

We march to the beat of our own drums.



Tuba Section Sayings PhotoNeed a creative slogan or saying for your band’s tuba section? We’ve put together a list of funny and clever sayings for all types of band sections, including the Tuba. So pick your favorite, and feel free to add it to one of our band t-shirt templates to make that perfect band t-shirt.

Creative Tuba Section Slogans and Sayings

Get Low, Get Brassy, Get Sassy

Totally Undeniable Bringers of Awesomeness

The few, the proud, the LOUD!



Slime Run Team Name PhotoAre you one of the “lucky” folks participating in the Slime Run and need a clever team name for your t-shirts? We at CustomInk have put together a list of some of our favorites just for you! Feel free to pick a team name from the list and stick it on your soon to be very messy running t-shirts and jerseys.

Funny & Creative Slime Run Team Names

Mission Slime-Possible

Grossest Run EVER!


The Green Machine



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