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Mother Goose at CustomInk

by Allyson Ayers

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Sure I like nursery rhymes as much as the next person, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a real, live goose… mother. We call her Gertie the Goose.

For the past four years, Gertie has built a nest in the same spot on our terrace (despite the dangers of having one on the edge of a tall building).

Due to the height and hungry crows nearby, we have to relocate Gertie’s family once they are born.

It’s an unspoken, er, unsquawked rule that while Gertie is guarding the eggs, the patio is a combat zone, and you must be prepared to run if Gertie gets upset. Like any good mom, she does a great job protecting her little ones – just with a lot more hissing…and pooping. Making a quick phone call outside? Guess again. That is, unless your friend enjoys listening to hisses and screeching protests.

Despite Gertie’s combative behavior, we end up with some pretty darn cute baby geese – or goslings (who knew!). Here are Gertie’s latest family additions, born on April 26, 2011. I named them Gus, Grizelda, Gwendolyn, and Garth. Oh shoot, there’s one more? Who wants to name the fifth gosling??

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