Fun Wedding Sayings for Koozies and Other Favors
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Picking a quote or saying to put on your wedding favors can be quite a challenge. Many of the folks who order custom koozies and personalized wine glasses from us for their wedding have told us how difficult it is to pick the right words. So we wanted to  make things a bit easier for you and provide some witty and fun quotes/sayings for whomever is in charge of ordering the gifts — whether it be the bride, groom, mother of the bride, or anyone itching for a drink at the wedding.

Fun Quotes to Put on Wedding Koozies

Eat, drink, and be married!

Something old, something new, something cool to hold your brew.

Vows are done, let’s have some fun!

A hug for your drink, from the new Mr. & Mrs. ________.

Warning: Over consumption of this product may result in involuntary proposals.

Wedding Koozies Photo

Drawn together like beer to a koozie.

To have and to hold, and to keep your beer cold!

Just married… Might as well drink!

Got my catch, now down the hatch!

Celebrate a serious love… Of beer!

The hunt is over!

I stole this from ________ and __________’s wedding.

More Endearing Quotes for Wedding Favors

Love, laughter, and happily ever after.

The beginning of a beautiful forever!

Lucky in love.

The joining of two hands makes one heart.

Happiness is being married to your best friend.

Choose your love, and love your choice.

Without you here, this wedding wouldn’t nearly have been as special.

Treasuring all the moments we’ve shared…all the memories we’ve made.

About the Author - Adam Levine

Adam is a Search Marketing Specialist at CustomInk. He has worked at CustomInk for more than 7 years, and helps contribute to the blog with fun content that helps inspire people. And with puns. Lots and lots of puns.

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  1. tonya cox
    15 mos, 3 wks ago

    Can you tell me what 2 koozie cups one that has mother of the bride one that says father of the bride would be please

  2. Adam Levine
    15 mos, 3 wks ago

    Hi Tonya,

    Thanks for visiting CustomInk and requesting a price quote! There is a minimum order for koozies of 50 pieces. For a quote, email or call our sales line at 800-203-4232. They’ll be happy to assist.

  3. Nicole
    14 mos ago

    A quote for 125 koozies with a saying, please.

  4. Adam Levine
    13 mos, 3 wks ago


    Thanks for visiting. Here’s a link to our quick quote tool for koozies. Just change pick your style, color, and if you’re printing front or back or front/back and you should get a quote fast.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to email

  5. Andrea
    11 mos, 3 wks ago

    I need a quirky saying for a pilot’s wedding? Please help for a small plane?

  6. Adam Levine
    11 mos, 3 wks ago


    Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Let me see what I can come up for you. Give me a couple days and I’ll send you a couple ideas. If you could elaborate on what you mean by “for a small plane” too that would be great.

  7. Andrea
    11 mos, 3 wks ago

    A balsa wood plane. My fiancé is a pilot. He didn’t want something love dovey but funny or witty.

  8. Andrea
    10 mos, 4 wks ago

    Adam, I havn’t heard anything from you for awhile, did you have any ideas for me? a fun witty saying for a balsa wood plane? Thank you.

  9. Adam Levine
    10 mos, 4 wks ago


    Oh no! Did you not receive my email? I sent you one on Nov 5th to the email address you provided. Here’s the email:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Here’s a few sayings for you:

    Up, Up, and Away!
    Fly Me to the Moon
    Love is in the Air

    Love Airlines: Expect smooth sailing with only minor turbulence
    You’re the wind beneath my “alloy” wings
    Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
    Put your tray tables up, these two are getting married!
    Flaps up, gear down, rings on.

    And here’s a great post on airplane themed weddings that I found:

    I hope you find one you like, or at least inspires you some. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.


    I’ll send another one to both emails right now to ensure you receive it. Let me know if you have any other issues or concerns. Have a great holiday.

  10. susanna
    6 mos, 2 wks ago

    looking for a christmas wedding kookie and a great christmas wedding quote

  11. Adam Levine
    6 mos, 2 wks ago


    Thanks for visiting CustomInk! I’ve passed along your request to one of our Sales/Service team members, and you should hear from them within a day or so. I’m sure they’ll help you make an awesome Christmas koozie design. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate calling 800-293-4232 and anyone should be able to assist. All the best and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

  12. Kylee
    3 wks, 2 days ago

    Hello! can you help me out with a quote for coasters?? Thanks!

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