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Family Reunion Contest

Around this time every year, we notice a lot more requests for family reunion t-shirts. We love helping make these traditional get-togethers extra special with custom tees for each family member, but this year, we’re taking it up a notch! We’re giving away the Ultimate Family Reunion Prize Pack to the winner of our Win Your Family Over Family Reunion Contest!



Baby Ribbed T-Shirt

A couple months ago, I wrote about the wonders of polyester t-shirts in order to give you loyal blog readers a better sense of the fabric and why we love it.  Well I’m back to drop some more knowledge on you.  And even though this one goes out to the ladies, as this fabric is used in primarily for women’s styles, you guys are always welcome.  Let’s explore the world of….Baby Rib Knit.


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Spring Haiku Book

With the month of April came the start to Spring with all its rainy but thankfully warmer weather. We had a lot of rain here so I put off this April blog post until now. In case you didn’t know, April was National Poetry Month! So in celebration of some poetic verse, I thought I’d share with you 10 Springtime Haikus to help pump you up for a lovely season. Maybe these little poems will bring back some fun Spring memories from your past and present. You can even look forward to making new memories as the season continues!

Let’s get this haiku party started, shall we?


Cherry blossoms bloom
Rumbly showers from the sky
Peace out, winter gloom!


Bats are swinging ‘round
Bases fully loaded now
Who will win the game?


Where did the snow go?
Who cares, it’s warm weather time!
Start the Spring parties!


Moms forever loved
Always there for everyone
Send your thanks her way


Inkers love the Spring
More BBQs and pot lucks!
We get our grub on


Oh whaaat? Spring is here?
Does that mean it’s t-shirt time?
Get ready for sun!


Hidden eggs around
Kids are on the hunt all day
Easter bunny hop!


Take that break from class
Get to the beach and relax
Moments with friends last


Someone getting hitched?
Plan a night to remember
Make the party last!


Customers love us
and we love our customers!
Best friends forever?

Did you enjoy the randomness? Do these make you more excited for Spring like they do for us? Let us know about your favorite Springtime activities or share your own Haikus!


Cinco De Mayo

Like posing as Irishmen on St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo brings out the Mexican-American in all of us.  On May 5th, 1862 the Mexican army kicked some major French butt at the Battle of Puebla (they’ll get their props on Bastille Day, don’t worry) and a hundred and fifty years later we are still celebrating!

Cinco de Mayo is also the official start of the summer BBQ Season. Expect to see a lot more picnics, family reunions, and pool parties on the horizon (don’t forget the sunscreen and liquid smoke!)

Today is a day to celebrate overcoming obstacles with family and friends, perhaps with a certain salt-rimmed lime-flavored concoction. Why not use Cinco de Mayo as the perfect excuse to get things started as the weather warms up.

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that any invitation to DC-area fiestas will be taken very seriously by the celebratory CustomInk blog team.


National Volunteer Week 2011

It’s National Volunteer Week, and according to the founders, this is the time for “inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities.” One way to do this is by sharing stories, so I figured I’d start with my own tiny contribution to my community from this past weekend… Read more –>

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