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Field Hockey Team Photo
Autumn is upon us once again, which means its time for fall sports in schools, clubs, and leagues around the country. So we’ve put together a list of different fall sports slogans & sayings, just for you!

This time it’s field hockey slogans for all you field hockey players out there. They’re great additions for your field hockey t-shirts and sweatshirts, and we hope they inspire you or just make you laugh.

Our 9 Creative Field Hockey Slogans & Sayings

Don’t let the skirts fool you…

If you can’t play nice, play field hockey.



Winterguard Colorguard Team Photo

If you’re in need of clever color guard slogans or quotes, we’ve collected some of the best for you. Feel free to add them to your guardie t-shirts or sweats!

Creative & Funny Colorguard Slogans & Sayings

It won’t hit you… If you do it right.

Love It, Do It, Live It, Spin It. Read more –>


Powder Puff Camo Jerseys
Need a clever or creative powder puff football slogan for your powder puff t-shirts & jerseys? Here’s a bunch we’ve collected for the gals on your team. They’re sure to make you look awesome on and off the field.

11 Creative Powder Puff Slogans and Sayings

So much more than a pretty face.

This Friday night, do it all again.

Tuff enuff for powder puff.


A Sore Body Today is a Strong Body Tomorrow T-Shirt Design

Design your own workout-inspired t-shirt



Bowl-a-Thon T-Shirt PhotoLooking for a funny or clever bowling team slogan? CustomInk has got some just for you. We think they’re a great add to bowling team t-shirts and polos. You can even personalize your shirts with your fun nicknames, like the happy folks above!

Funny & Clever Bowling Slogans & Sayings

That’s how we roll.

I can’t believe it’s not gutter.

Split happens!


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