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Rack Pack Team Photo - Race for the Cure
Participating in the Susan G Komen 3-day™ or Race for the Cure® and having trouble picking a clever team name? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites – a handful of funny ones provided by our customers and a few that we’ve come up with on our own. Feel free to use one on your team jerseys and breast cancer awareness t-shirts. And you might want to include some of the popular breast cancer slogans we see other walkers using on shirts.

Funny & Clever Breast Cancer Walk Team Names

Prancers Against Cancer

The Tatas That Bind

Team Boobylicious

Bosom Buddies


Paintball Team Photo in ActionIf you are planning a paintball weekend with your buddies, or thinking about joining an amateur league, we’ve compiled a list of some funny and cool paintball team names for you to choose from. Sticking one of these names on your team t-shirts and jerseys may not help you win, but they’ll surely create some laughs and in some cases even intimidate your competition.

Clever Paintball Team Names

Paintball Wizards

Grand Theft Paintball

Lone Wolves

Locked & Loaded


As a member of a step team, you have a lot riding on your dance skills, but a great team name and t-shirt is essential too. With competitions taking place all over the country, rep is important. So choose one of these names, design a tee, and get to steppin’.

SWAG – Steppers With a Groove

Step Team

We Bring Tha Heat

Stella Steppers

STEP – Sick Tricks, Elite Peepz

Hot Chili Steppers

Steppin’ Out

Led Steppin’


Want to impress your group at your next team building event? With a creative team name, you’ll be off to a great start. Here’s our list of team names we think would be great for company retreats and team building exercises.

Insight Global - Office Team Building Photo

Funny & Clever Company Team Names

Out of the Cubicle, Into the Fire

Team ABC (Always Be Closing)



Participating in an office weight loss competition? Doing a Biggest Loser® challenge with your friends? We’ve got some great team names for you to choose from. Some funny. Some clever. Some cheezy. All of them are free for you to use for your weight loss challenge team!

Check them out below:

Weight Loss Challenge Team Names

Drop it Like It’s Hot

Thinning Out Our Herd

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