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SummerJAM 2008 by Twig - almost 6 years ago

Summer Jam 2008 T-Shirt Photo

"Every summer a bunch of us gather in a friend's basement for 8+ hours of jammin'. Any song - as long as someone knows a verse and a chorus."

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Our Dentist Rocks by Assistants - almost 6 years ago

Win Our Dentist Rocks T-Shirt Photo

"I've used custom ink on many occaisions and have always been satisfied. That is why I recommend you to everyone. We made these shirts for our bosses birthday and took him to lunch in them. He loved it!!"

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Cottagefest 2007 by Cottagefest - almost 6 years ago

Cottagefest 2007 T-Shirt Photo

"Every year a group of long-time friends get together for a week to hang out and make sure we never get out of touch with each other. We refer to this annual event as "Cottagefest". Copied below is the follow-up email following our weekend together...I believe it provides a little insight into the insanely ridiculous time we have each year! Of course, every year we get t-shirts from CustomInk, because the customer service is better than any other compay I have ever dealt with. Once again we are in that terrible time of year where CottageFest has passed us and we are back to our normal lives. However, maybe this e-mail can help fill the void until we get to do it again in about 11-12 months. First of all I would like to thank everyone for the help:Thank you to Peter for the 48 straight hours of set up that you spent with me. He was a bitter, bitter man by the end of it, but it was well worth the time. Also a big thanks to Peter for the planning converstations that take place all year round, but go to about once a day when we get within one month of the event.A big thank you to Mary Aquilio (Peter's mom) for donating several dishes, along with about $100 worth of supplies.Thank you to Darcy for use of the jetski, and to T for bringing his dad's truck to take it home.Thank you to Kevin & Amy for cutting 20lbs of chicken for speedies.Thank you to Brad for cooking the speedies.Thank you to Ryan for taking Pete's truck home, albeit unexpectedly.Thank you to the CottageFest Financial Committee for their support. And a thank you to everyone who brought food, helped clean, or did dishes that I forgot to mention. I may have been sleeping or drunk, but I still appreciate it. Now onto the AWARDS: Best Jersey for Jersey Night: T. Thompson, for his portrayal of Ryan Napp. (Once I saw the beard that he made at work, no one else had a chance.) Most Appreciative participant: Brad Noll, The kids spends the entire week and weekend telling me, "Great party, Danny," and "Awesome time, man." Drunk Award: Peter Aquilio, as if there was a doubt. This guy was roasted from 2pm Saturday afternoon till 6am Sunday morning and never slept. Most amazing thing I have ever seen. Sneaky Award: Darcy Elliott, for falling on her ass without anyone seeing it but T. However, she did show us the monster bruise that lasted for weeks on her thigh. Most Creative Dish Award: Laura Bulley, for bringing cookies in the shape of a cottage. That's the kind of thinking we are looking for people. Ridiculous Clothes Award: Kevin Steele, between the suspenders and the Viking hat, 2nd place was was very distant. Nice job Steele. Best Stunt Award: Brad Noll, for his Jackass style bike ride into the lake. It lacked grace and included a head scrape on the bottom, but was pure fun for all. The "This is getting old Award." T. Thompson, for winning the Fantasy League, last years plunk award, and this year's plunk award. Argument of the Year Award: Brian Kelley (BK) for taking on the whole party to bash A-Rod. New Tradition Award: To everyone who participated in the 126 cup beer pong game Saturday night. That will be happening every Saturday night for as long as we keep this party going. Embracing the CottageFest T-shirt Award: Marty, for wearing her gift all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday when she visited me as I picked up the tables. Breakthrough Performance Award: Vanessa Bon, for being half of the beer pong tourney winning team, and becoming the first woman to ever get on the T-shirt. Rookie of the Year: Amy Smith, for cutting speedies, cooking, cleaning, dishes, awesome wardrobe, soundtrack suggestions, and getting trashed Saturday night and wearing underwear over her jeans. Thanks for diving right into CottageFest Amy, and Congrats. MVP: Kevin would have been Co-Rookie of the Year, but the Ridiculous Clothes Award combined with being on both the Thursday night pong champ team and the Friday night team, makes Kevin our Most Valuable Participant. That's about it everybody. I hope you all had fun. And as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, we can keep doing this for long time. Thanks again for all your help, and look for a CottageFest '08 date sometime after New Year's."

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The Ricotta Family Vacation by Ricotta-Family - almost 6 years ago

The Ricotta Family Vacation T-Shirt Photo

"In June '08 our family spent a week on Mission Bay in San Diego, celebrating "Bucca's" (Grandpa's) 70th Birthday. Our shirts from CustomInk helped to make this photo shoot alot more fun, and we even wore the shirts to the San Diego Zoo. They were quite a hit with everyone who saw us...we received many cute comments!"

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Noeling_Day by Noeling_Day - almost 6 years ago

Noeling Day T-Shirt Photo

"Noeling is a term used by our fun group of people at work to take off work and enjoy the time off. The guy with the Iowa shirt is Mr. Noel himself, the person who inspired us. CustomInk was fantastic in service, price and online creation. I chose CustomInk over all the local custom shirt shops because I could see the design right before my eyes. With the money back guarantee, how could I go wrong. Thank you CustomInk for an event to be remembered for a lifetime! Preston"

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GI Juniors by Classof09 - almost 6 years ago

Gi Juniors T-Shirt Photo

"The shirts were awesome. We had them for our Homecoming Parade where our theme was the G.I. Juniors."

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Game Day Champions by GameDaySports - almost 6 years ago

Game Day Champions T-Shirt Photo

"Great experience! I only wish we could get our smaller orders through you too. A bit too much, sorry. This is our Division I Indoor Soccer Champions. We give a T-Shirt to each player of the champion team for each session and league. (Quite a few!) This is one. It is also on our web site a under Game Day Champs Photo Gallery."

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Sophomore Club by JuniorCrewGirls - almost 6 years ago

Sophomore Club T-Shirt Photo

"Every year the girls on our cross country team make customink shirts to show our team spirit and help team bonding!"

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San Jose Giants - Clayton Tanner Fan Club by AJ_McDonald - almost 6 years ago

San Jose Giants   Clayton Tanner Fan Club T-Shirt Photo

"Our family is a host family for the San Jose Giants, with a baseball player living with us for the season. Each year AJ has a fan club day for the player and her friends go out on the field to meet the team and celebrate!"

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turqoise by JV_Cheer_goto_Camp - about 6 years ago

Turqoise T-Shirt Photo

"Every year, each of the cheerleading squads make their own shirt to wear to camp. This year, Jr Varsity wanted to custom design a shirt they would wear more than once. They loved the lime green and pink letters and make quite an impression. This photo was taken as they prepared to load up and go to cheer camp. Pretty big smiles, considering this was taken at 7:30am! CustomInk worked closely with us to make sure our custom design was the best it could be and then expedited our order to get to us in time for camp. Thank you CustomInk! You made our girls very happy!"

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