40th Birthday Party T-Shirt Templates & Clipart

He may be 40, but he's a real good man! by Anna Mo - 5 days ago

He May Be 40, But He's A Real Good Man! T-Shirt Photo

" Together with our friends, we spent the weekend celebrating my husband’s 40th birthday in a luxurious cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Saturday morning everyone came down for breakfast wearing their awesome CustomInk t-shirts and the cheesiest glasses we could find. Luckily, my husband came down last, and quickly noticed everyone wearing silly glasses. Then, he noticed the shirt. As he read the shirts’ phrase aloud, “He may be 40, but he’s a real good man!” everyone burst with laughter! A BIG thanks to CustomInk for helping me make his birthday one to remember! I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced the superior customer service I received from their team! Alex H. was especially helpful in getting the quality of my design perfect and also took a personal interest in my project. I have, and will continue to, recommend your company to everyone I come in contact with! CustomInk is a superior company producing top notch customer service and excellent work product! "

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The Beachbabes 20 Year Beach Trip by FDJ - 7 days ago

The Beachbabes 20 Year Beach Trip T-Shirt Photo

"For my 40th birthday I wanted an all-girls trip to the Outer Banks. What started out as 4, ended up some years as being 16! With the popularity of the "Ya Ya Sisterhood" movie, over the years, we adopted the name "The Yabba Dabba Beachbabe Sisterhood" and now 20 years later we are still going strong. I wanted to design a shirt that would be a reminder of our wonderful weeks together for the ladies in appreciation of their joining me every year. We now are looking forward to many more years of wearing our fabulous Beachbabe shirts! Everyone in the group loved the design, the color, the quality of the fabric! We could not be happier with our shirts exclaiming our dedication to our annual Beachbabe trip! CustomInk was so easy to use, so easy to make the design, choose a shirt and the exact color we were looking for. Their website is a breeze to work with and their commitment to their product shows in the picture by the happy faces of these Beachbabes!! "

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Sam & Jacob's 40th Birthday Bash by Jake - 22 days ago

Sam & Jacob's 40th Birthday Bash T-Shirt Photo

"My husband Jacob and his twin brother Sam, celebrated their 40th birthday surrounded by family in Abilene, TX. To show off the wonderful work by CustomInk, we positioned ourselves in the number 40 leaving the twins and their mother at the top of the number. CustomInk made the experience very memorable and made for a fun evening of celebration! "

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Bond Girls by Vicki - 28 days ago

Bond Girls T-Shirt Photo

"This picture was taken on the rooftop of the Nylo hotel at the pool for my 40th birthday! I have also just started my own bail bond business and gave all my girls tanks with my new logo on them. CustomInk did an amazing job on them for such a great price. The tanks fit everyone perfect! I will definitely use CustomInk again! "

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Surprise 40th birthday party for Irish Twins by Katy - about 1 month ago

Surprise 40th Birthday Party For Irish Twins T-Shirt Photo

"Had a surprise birthday party for my two sisters who both turned 40 this year. We all sported our own T-shirts that featured our unique personalities or mocked our birth order. We are a family of 8 so always finding humor in the chaotic parties we have. Custom Ink is such a fun company to order from. Great quality shirts and awesome customer service. Can't wait for the next party!"

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Enchanted Winners! by - about 1 month ago

Enchanted Winners! T-Shirt Photo

"To celebrate my 40th birthday,13 friends and I embarked on a challenge to hike the Enchantments in one day. This 18-mile trail across a high plateau in Washington State gains 5,000 feet and loses 7,000 and is arguably the most beautiful trail in the state. Most people do the hike in 3-5 days, but these winners did it in a single day. Everyone enjoyed the scenery, the camaraderie, the goats, and the huge barbecue that followed."

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Gary's 40th birthday! by - about 1 month ago

Gary's 40th Birthday! T-Shirt Photo

"We surprised my cousin Gary in AC for his bday. Gary and his wife go to AC every year for his anniversary and this year we all surprised him in their hotel room. The Picture shows the front and the back of the shirts. Since the picture of Gary on the shirt shows him with his shirt off we figured it would be best to have him shirtless for this photo:) Custom link was great. Very helpful and the customer service was very helpful. Thanks for making Gary's 40th even more special!"

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Boyd a roo by Boyd's 40th! - 3 months ago

Boyd A Roo T-Shirt Photo

"This photo was taken at Boyd Guys 40th birthday party.. "

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40th birthday celebration in Ibiza, Spain by Ibiza 2014! - 3 months ago

40th Birthday Celebration In Ibiza, Spain T-Shirt Photo

"28 ladies came with me to Ibiza, Spain (from Brussels) to celebrate my 40th birthday. We wore our shirts on the plane and this is in front of our hotel. Custom ink was amazing, personal, and definitely a company that I have and will continue to recommend highly."

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housewives of Charlotte by Michelle - 3 months ago

Housewives Of Charlotte T-Shirt Photo

"We enjoyed the t-shirts for my 40th birthday celebration in Nashville. Everyone loved them. We received so many compliments everyone thought it was a real TV show. They were a hit and made our vacation amazing. "

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