Custom T-Shirts for alaskan cruise

Braithwaite 45th Anniversary Cruise by Braithwaite 2014 - 2 months ago

Braithwaite 45th Anniversary Cruise T-Shirt Photo

"We surprised our parents with these shirts on an Alaskan Cruise for their 45th wedding anniversary. They LOVED them! Definitely a highlight of our trip."

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Crowder Cruise by Crowder - about 1 year ago

Crowder Cruise T-Shirt Photo

"This was a family celebration to celebrate the retirement of Dr Crowder (pictured far right). He was a practicing orthodontist for 37 years in Wichita, Kansas. To celebrate the whole family went on an Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Solstice. Custom ink did an amazing job on the shirt! The sizes were all correct and fit everyone nicely and the colors were true to the computer screen. We ordered last minute and they delivered just in time to be packed to fly out the next day! Would definitely use them again!"

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The FUN is about to begin!!! by Ray-Falgoust Falgoust Family Cruise Alaska 2013 - about 1 year ago

The Fun Is About To Begin!!! T-Shirt Photo

"Working with Custom Ink was AMAZING!!! I had so many questions & revisions and ya'll were so accommodating and patient with me. We live in New Orleans, my brother's family lives in Victoria,Canada and my Dad lives in India. It's close to impossible to get everyone together, but we wanted to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday with a cruise to Alaska. I surprised everyone with the T-Shirts the night we all met up in Seattle...everyone was blown away! My Dad cried. The next day with all the hustle bustle of unloading & loading & kids & US Customs, it was so easy to spot our group of 10. Strangers would walk by and say "Hey, Coco's over there and looks lost" sure enough she was. Or, "Max & Stella are making a getaway (my 4 year old twins)". Everyone asked where we got our shirts because they looked so great, I made sure to tell them. I personally rarely wear T-Shirts because I'm broad backed and no matter what size I get it always looks like I'm wearing a tent. Custom Ink helped had so many options that a Junior fitted size worked best for me, I looked cute if I do say so myself. We also had a 6'3" Poppy (father-in-law) and a 4'-11" Coco (mother-in-law), a 1-year old & two 4-year olds. Custom Ink helped me fit everyone PERFECTLY!!! Thanks so much for making our once in a lifetime trip so memorable!"

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Mark & Sue's 50th Wedding Anniversary by Phil - about 1 year ago

Mark & Sue's 50th Wedding Anniversary T-Shirt Photo

"We got windbreakers for an Alaskan cruise my in-laws took their family on to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary "

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Trottin North to Alaska by Cruising Buddies - over 2 years ago

Trottin North To Alaska T-Shirt Photo

"There were 16 of us who went on an Alaskan cruise and this picture was taken at the Mendenhall Glacier. Our town is famous for its trotting horse museum so we designed our sweatshirts with that in mind. On the front of the sweatshirt was "Trottin North to Alaska" and on the back we put all our names, the ship's name, and the date of the cruise, so we'd always have the memory. Designing our sweatshirts was fun and everyone on the ship admired them. Thanks CustomInk for such a user friendly website."

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Walker 50th Wedding Anniversary Alaskan Family Cruise by Walkers_50th - almost 6 years ago

Walker 50th Wedding Anniversary Alaskan Family Cruise T-Shirt Photo

"Our parents Jon & Phyllis Walker took the entire family on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. There were 18 of us. Sweatshirts were a great practical choice because we got to wear them a lot and we could be easily recognized. The web site let all of us be involved in designing them. We included our parents wedding photo on the back. The front was neat too "Walkers Since 1958". We received a lot of compliments on them and they provided constant recognition for our terrific parents."

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Dautenhahn Extended Family Alaskan Cruise by Alaskan_Cruise - about 7 years ago

Dautenhahn Extended Family Alaskan Cruise T-Shirt Photo

"This is a photo of us on an Alaskan Cruise on the Golden Princess Cruise Ship taken on July 14, 2007. We had a great time. This is the second shirt I have had done with and they are great."

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