American Apparel Girly Ringer Design Ideas

Design and order custom American Apparel Ringer t-shirts from CustomInk! Ringers are the ultimate fashion t-shirt for any group or event - just check out the customer photos below for ideas and inspiration. American Apparel Ringers are a great choice for fraternity t-shirts, college t-shirts, band t-shirts, and more!

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28 Years Later!! by Jeffers - over 5 years ago

Win 28 Years Later!! T-Shirt Photo

"Our families are spread across the country, and when we used to get together as cousins when we were kids our parents made up tee shirts for us. This year at "Todd's" wedding we thought it would ..."   view full details

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The Prima Donnas by Prima_Donnas - almost 6 years ago

The Prima Donnas T-Shirt Photo

"We had these shirts made to celebrate my mother, a cancer survivor, during the 2009 Tucson Komen Walk for the Cure. Since my mother's first name is Donna, we thought "The Prima Donnas" was a fittin..."   view full details

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Beer Olympics by Kaker - over 6 years ago

Beer Olympics T-Shirt Photo

"We had a party and everyone got a shirt. It was in July in Edmonton Alberta just for fun."   view full details

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MorningStar Youth Mission Trip to Mexico by MorningStarYouth - over 6 years ago

Morning Star Youth Mission Trip To Mexico T-Shirt Photo

"Our youth group went on a short term mission trip to Mexico. We got to work at an orphanage there. CustomInk helped us get our team shirts in a very timely manner! They were very helpful, friend..."   view full details

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J's bachelor party! by Eric1234 - over 6 years ago

J's Bachelor Party! T-Shirt Photo

"Here are me and my 5 buddy's getting ready to go for my friend Justin's awesome bachelor party - white water rafting on the Ottawa River!!! It was amazing. Also, working with Custom Ink and having ..."   view full details

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Cottage Weekend by rob_reider - almost 7 years ago

Cottage Weekend T-Shirt Photo

"This is a picture of my friends and I at our annual cottage weekend. We get together once a year and have a really fun time with each other. This is the 4th year we have ordered shirts with Custo..."   view full details

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Second Stage Pride by 2ndstage - almost 7 years ago

Second Stage Pride T-Shirt Photo

"Second Stage is our theater group, and we're celebrating our 35th anniversary soon. At the big commencement weekend, Jackie (with the nametag) had a big-deal seminar about the history of the group,..."   view full details

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Girard Donkeys by CaseyG - almost 7 years ago

Girard Donkeys T-Shirt Photo

"We gathered a small group of friends together at an Inn in southern Vermont for our first year wedding anniversary. Of course we had to commemorate the event with t-shirts! Excellent ..."   view full details

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The GUNSHOW!! Got your Ticket!?! by Jay - about 7 years ago

The Gunshow!!  Got Your Ticket!?! T-Shirt Photo

"This is a Team photo of me and my friends. We decided to join a Rec. Dodgeball league for fun. How hard could it be? It's just dodgeball, right!! Well, we didn't win a game this season but we a..."   view full details

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Northern Michigan Cabin meets Florida by Loonies - about 7 years ago

Northern Michigan Cabin Meets Florida T-Shirt Photo

"Our small family (two of us aren't pictured) have a rustic cabin on a small lake in Northern Michigan, complete with a couple of loons (like what is on the Canadian dollar). They are the entertain..."   view full details

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