Autism T-Shirt Design Ideas & Clip Art

David's Minions by David's Minions Autism Walk 2014 - 5 months ago

David's Minions T-Shirt Photo

"This is the half way point of the Autism Speaks walk 2014 at Jones Beach, NY. We walk in support of our son David, who was diagnosed at age 5. He is now a happy and healthy 11 year old boy"   view full details

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Annual Autism Run by Jess - 5 months ago

Annual Autism Run T-Shirt Photo

"These shirts were for a group of 21 people attending an annual autism run to support families of those with Autism, and to fund research on Autism. "   view full details

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Sweet Baby J by - 5 months ago

Sweet Baby J T-Shirt Photo

"Sweet Baby J - Walk Now for Autism Speaks"   view full details

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ASD Team by Todd Buck - 8 months ago

Asd Team  T-Shirt Photo

"My coed softball team, Autism Slugging Disciples (ASD), played in a charity tournament last Sunday and finish in 3rd place. The shirts turned out great! "   view full details

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Team Twin Ridge at the 2014 Autism Walk by Kristi - 8 months ago

Team Twin Ridge At The 2014 Autism Walk T-Shirt Photo

"We were so excited this year to create a team that consisted of teachers, students, school staff members, families, and friends to support Twin Ridge students with Autism at the 2014 Autism Society..."   view full details

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Walk Now for Autism Speaks Pittsburgh 2014 by Josh's Jedis - 9 months ago

Walk Now For Autism Speaks Pittsburgh 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"Our group walked in the 2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks event at Heinz Field. As soon as we walked into the event, we ran into an actual jedi, which was fitting considering our team name (Josh's J..."   view full details

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Badass Dash supporting Autism Speaks & Team Sophia by Team #SoSoPhresh - 9 months ago

Badass Dash Supporting Autism Speaks & Team Sophia T-Shirt Photo

"Every year, we gather a team to participate in Badass Dash- a race/obstacle course event that benefits the Autism Speaks foundation. It's our new tradition to raise awareness, to show our support f..."   view full details

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Children Specialized Walk n' Run 2014 Autism Awareness by Dianna Repollet - 9 months ago

Children Specialized Walk N' Run 2014 Autism Awareness  T-Shirt Photo

"2014 Autism Awareness Walk. in honor of Adrianna & Leah"   view full details

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Autism Walk Chicago- Team Liam Land by Team Liam Land - 9 months ago

Autism Walk Chicago  Team Liam Land T-Shirt Photo

"This is a photo of 'Team Liam Land' taken on the steps of the Field Museum of Chicago during this year's annual Autism Walk. This year, our team of 36 walkers raised over $10,275! dollars to rais..."   view full details

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Team Irving! by Autism Speaks Chicago - 9 months ago

Team Irving! T-Shirt Photo

"In March of 2014, Irving Elementary sadly lost a dear friend & preschool teacher, Nancy. Our school banded together as Team Irving to participate in the Autism Speaks walk in Chicago to honor Nancy..."   view full details

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