Custom T-Shirts for beer league

Streakers Drink at the Tank! by Streakers 2013 - about 1 year ago

Streakers Drink At The Tank! T-Shirt Photo

"Moving to a new city can be tough, essentially you're starting your life over. Luckily for a few of us, we found a new group of friends through a co-ed soccer program. Originally we had been given the name the Strikers, and while we were terrible, we always held onto a brief window of hope because 'we were the hottest team around' (debatable, but know), so at the end of the first season we renamed ourselves the Streakers. With the name change, came the need for a jersey. While our original design had been screen printed by ourselves, the number of new players quickly warranted a whole new set, which we decided to do properly. I photoshopped the design for the jerseys and CustomInk did the rest of the work. So, following with tradition, we continue to get together every monday night at UBC to play soccer, and then head over to our local pub The Coppertank to celebrate win or lose."

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Balls Deep Softball Team by Katrina - over 2 years ago

Balls Deep Softball Team T-Shirt Photo

"Our team is a Co-ed Beer League Soft Ball team that has been together now for 3 years! We have ordered team jerseys the last 2 years and they turned out great!! This is our 4th season coming up and we need to order more team jerseys from custom ink! We have the reputation as the team who has the most fun while playing and we try not to take the game too seriously. It doesn't matter if we win or lose, we are usually having more fun than any other team out there! Our amazing jerseys help complete our goofy team!"

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