Custom T-Shirts for blizzcon

Blizzcon 2013 by Cptvulcan - over 1 year ago

Blizzcon 2013 T-Shirt Photo

"Blizzcon 2013 was a blast. CustomInk's t-shirts allowed our guild members to spot eachother out in the crowds. Approximately 26,000 gamers attended Blizzcon 2013 and with our matching guild shirts,..."   view full details

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Blizzcon 07 tabard tshirts by Flonne - over 7 years ago

Blizzcon 07 Tabard Tshirts T-Shirt Photo

"The design is from our guild tabard in World of Warcraft. We wore these t-shirts to Blizzcon 07 in Anaheim, and many people commented on how great they turned out, including some of the WoW devs. ..."   view full details

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