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No celebration is complete without custom t-shirts from CustomInk! CustomInk makes it easy for you to add a special touch to your class reunion, 4th of July bash, or birthday party - just take a look at the customer photos below for some great ideas and inspiration!

Reunion 2014 by Surun 2014 reunion - about 1 month ago

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Celebrating Dad! by Monica Gordon - about 1 month ago

Celebrating Dad! T-Shirt Photo

"My 6 y.o. had an idea to make I love Daddy t-shirts this year. He asked me to use the same website I used for other shirts. He picked out the font and designed the shirt. In this picture you see the proud dad and our children. "

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Graduation Fun by SFA ALUMNI - about 1 month ago

Graduation Fun T-Shirt Photo

"The shirts were given to the graduates of St Francis of Assisi Grade School. They were handed out on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. The kids received the shirts on graduation night. They all loved them"

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Lawyers Have Heart Boston 2014 by Team Davis Malm - about 1 month ago

Lawyers Have Heart Boston 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"For a fifth consecutive year, lawyers and staff from Davis, Malm & D'Agostine, P.C. participated in the annual Lawyers Have Heart 5K Road Race and Summer Celebration to benefit the American Heart Association. This year, 2,000 runners and walkers gathered at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion along Boston's Waterfront for the race and a post-race celebration. Of our 12 team members, one of our attorney's was recognized as a top 10 fundraiser for the event, and another finished 23rd overall with a time of 18:35. The event raised over $275,00 for a very worthy cause. As always, a good time was had by all. This is my second experience working with CustomInk, and the process could not have been easier. The reps are friendly and helpful, and I am looking forward to my next project!"

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#TheBigRow Celebration by Group Photo After #TheBigRow and 2 World Records - about 1 month ago

#The Big Row Celebration T-Shirt Photo

"A happy group at Rowbot Fitness after Stephen and Charles (front and center) completed 89:19:09.8 of rowing to cover 1,000,000m! In the process setting/breaking two World Records. CustomInk really came through for us, spending all the time we needed getting the shirt design perfect and making sure that we could get the shirts delivered in time for our event despite us waiting until the last minute!"

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Mr. G's spidery advisory by Mr. Garcia - 2 months ago

Mr. G's Spidery Advisory  T-Shirt Photo

"End of the year celebration, my home room students and I went bowling. "

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600+ Injury free days by ANAK FedEx Ground - 2 months ago

600+ Injury Free Days T-Shirt Photo

"The local Anchorage, Alaska FedEx Ground Facility celebrated 600+ injury free days. Change is what we do! In a fast paced, rapidly growing company such as FedEx Ground the Team in Alaska faces many unique challenges that they overcome on a daily basis. Through new managment, new employees, building expantion and new processes this team stays focused on the priorties, Safety Above all!"

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Rock the Ritz! by Stacy's 60th! - 2 months ago

Rock The Ritz! T-Shirt Photo

"Seven fabulous, talented women were invited to our dear, precious friend, Stacy's, 60th Birthday Party which she hosted at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay! Our motto for the weekend was "Rock the Ritz" and that we did! We proudly wore our t-shirts throughout the hotel and gorgeous outside grounds thoroughly enjoying ourselves and celebrating Stacy's 60th. We all loved the t-shirts and Stacy was so tickled with the idea, color, motto, etc! Thank you CustomInk for making our entire event such a memorable experience!"

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Martinez Branch by 25th Annual Abuela Panchita's Family Reunion - 2 months ago

Martinez Branch T-Shirt Photo

"This shirt was made for our annual family reunion. Being that is was the 25th year Anniversary since we began having the reunion we decided it was time for a new special shirt. We've only made two others over all the years. This was by the far the nicest of all. We decided to include everyone's name. The first name is the that of the Matriarch of the family, Frances Caperon Rodriguez or as we lovingly knew her Abuela Panchita. Then the first generation, her children (including inlaws), which was 16. Next is the second generation, all her grandchildren to date 58, followed bythe third generation, the great-grandchildren 118. Then come the fourth generation, the great-great- grandchildren 45 with the final 2 being the fifth generation, the great-great-great grandchildren, for a total of 240 names! This picture is just one branch of the family tree. Usually when the matriarch or patriarch of a family passes each branch of the family goes their own way and the family does not stay in touch. We all have our own lives and many children and activities that keep us all busy throughout the year, but we all know come the Saturday before Mother's Day (which is the date closest to Abuela Panchita's birthdate) most of us will have the day to spend together. We begin with a sunrise greeting at the cemetery to pray a rosary for Abuela, as she devoutly prayed it everyday. We follow that with breakfast at a local restaurant. Then we all rush off to pack up for the picnic. The day is full of activities such as swimming, horse shoes, water balloon and egg toss, simon says, volleyball, horse shoes, jumping castles, cotton candy, shaved ice, a pinata for the kids, music, singing and dancing. We get to touch base, get updated on the new additions and just have a fun filled day! Those of us with the energy then head home after the sun has set and the picnic has wound down, to shower and meet up at a local casino for music and dancing. All in all it is a grand weekend for all!"

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Road to Cirrhosis by SSU Nursing Class of 2014 - 2 months ago

Road To Cirrhosis  T-Shirt Photo

"The event was for a pub crawl after passing our ATI exit examination to graduate nursing school last week. We weren't sure if all of us would pass but we still planned on going out after. Turns out that all of us who bought these tees passed the test and we graduated this past weekend. The designers were great and willing to help is with out design and even created artwork specifically for our tee."

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