Custom T-Shirts for cosplay

Last Minute Cosplay Zombies by Shey - 9 months ago

Last Minute Cosplay Zombies T-Shirt Photo

"Our group creates costumes and competes at Japanese animation conventions up and down the east coast. Cosplay is a combination of the words "costume" and "play" and we tend to procrastinate, hence our group name, Last Minute Cosplay. We recently gathered for an event we titled Zombie-con. We spent the weekend rehearsing for our next performance at an upcoming convention in February. We wear our CustomInk shirts at every convention and get the best comments on them! Our customer service experience at CustomInk has been fantastic. The staff is outstanding and bent over backwards to help us make our shirts perfect. We even received them in less than a week (we ordered them at the Last Minute!). Just in time for our big convention! We recommend CustomInk to everyone!"

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TelliusCon 2011 - Cedar Point by TelliusCon - about 3 years ago

Tellius Con 2011   Cedar Point T-Shirt Photo

"Three Michiganders, two Texans, and one Californian -- all fans of Fire Emblem, a video game series -- met beyond the internet for the first time in August 2011. We spent the weekend playing video games, cosplaying in public places, and laughing about inside jokes that only fans of Fire Emblem would understand. (The front of the shirt reads "NOTHING IS NAESALA'S FAULT.") We spent a day at Cedar Point, Ohio, and a day at the Toledo Zoo as well. The six of us hope to bring more friends in 2012, and hopefully we'll go new places each year!"

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Lucent Heart at E3 Game Expo by Lucent Heart - about 3 years ago

Lucent Heart At E3 Game Expo T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken at E3, the largest game industry only expo in the nation, featuring representatives from the online game, Lucent Heart. The show took place recently, from June 7-9, 2011 and CustomInk did a very quick turnaround for us to ensure that we got our shirts in time for the show!"

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