Celebration Event T-Shirt Designs And Clipart

Add some fun to your big upcoming event with custom shirts, koozies, mason jars, lunch coolers, or more! Whether you're planning a charity walk, bachelorette party or a school fundraiser, CustomInk can help you make it even more special with celebratory event design ideas. Take a look at the customer photos below to see how rewarding it is to create personalized t-shirts and other speciality products.

Celebrating Love & Marriage Retreat by Tammy Hill - 17 days ago

Celebrating Love & Marriage Retreat  T-Shirt Photo

"Our 1st annual Valentine's Day Weekend Couples Retreat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Every loved their tshirts. Nine couples stayed in this cabin over the weekend and we did just like the tshirts say ..."   view full details

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US Cold Storage Wing Bowl Contest by US Cold Storage Wing Bowl Contest - 19 days ago

Us Cold Storage Wing Bowl Contest T-Shirt Photo

"This was a 2nd Annual Wing Bowl Contest (all you can eat buffalo chicken wing eating in a 5 minutes timeframe. If we have any ties, it goes into a last 2 minute heat to declare the winner! For th..."   view full details

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Family Christmas 2014 by Nancy M. - 22 days ago

Family Christmas 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"I want to share our fun Christmas pictures with you in our CustomInk T-shirts! Also, I would like to thank the associate who spent almost an hour on the phone with me working out this rather compli..."   view full details

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We Turn 50 by Kennett Fiddies - 23 days ago

We Turn 50 T-Shirt Photo

"A group of us got together to relive the glory days from our teens with a wicked intense 3 on 3 basketball game. We went to school at Kennett High School in Kennett Square and all graduated in 198..."   view full details

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Elena's 10th birthday party by - 25 days ago

Elena's 10th Birthday Party T-Shirt Photo

"I ordered these cool shirts for my daughter to give her friends as gifts for coming to her birthday party. They are all classmates and now they plan to wear them to school on the same day. This is..."   view full details

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You can make it!! 700 pounds lost! by Larry Myers - 26 days ago

You Can Make It!! 700 Pounds Lost! T-Shirt Photo

"I'm larry myers I used to be over 900 pounds and I've lost over 700 pounds I believe it doesn't matter if you're overweight or underweight and you have the power to change your life I never thoug..."   view full details

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Emma is 16 and sweet by Sweet Sixteen with Emma and Adam Levine - 26 days ago

Emma Is 16 And Sweet T-Shirt Photo

"Birthday party for our daughter! Each if the 13 girls got a shirt. We set up a photo booth for them to pose and take pics!"   view full details

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My mama is 50 & fierce by Veta - 27 days ago

My Mama Is 50 & Fierce T-Shirt Photo

"The family got together on the 31st of Jan to celebrate my moms 50th bday. We went shopping at the outlets in Destin before lunch. Everyone loved the shirts. I had no problems picking a design and ..."   view full details

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Beerfest Vikings by We are family! - 29 days ago

Beerfest Vikings T-Shirt Photo

"Atlantic City Beerfest April 2014. My family and I attend AC Beerfest ever year and for the last 3 we have had epic t-shirts made by CustomInk , but for 2015 me and the fabulous crew at CustomInk h..."   view full details

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My 26th birthday by Matt from Staten Island - about 1 month ago

My 26th Birthday T-Shirt Photo

"This photo was taken during my birthday party, held just a few days ago. It represented my 26 years of societal contribution, betterment of the human condition, avoidance of all things immoral, and..."   view full details

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