Celebration Event T-Shirt Designs And Clipart

Add some fun to your big upcoming event with custom shirts, koozies, mason jars, lunch coolers, or more! Whether you're planning a charity walk, bachelorette party or a school fundraiser, CustomInk can help you make it even more special with celebratory event design ideas. Take a look at the customer photos below to see how rewarding it is to create personalized t-shirts and other speciality products.

HalloThankMas 2014 by FABGang - about 1 month ago

Hallo Thank Mas 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"My incredible family is made up of biological, adopted, foster children, their spouses and kids and it makes for one FAB Gang! This is our family crest. The Chinese letters spell our last name. ..."   view full details

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Happy runners with great shirts by Celine - about 1 month ago

Happy Runners With Great Shirts T-Shirt Photo

"Great shirts commemorating the 20th anniversary of a family and friends annual 5k Thanksgiving run. "   view full details

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Santa Fe Stars rather be dancing !!! by Santa Fe Stars - about 1 month ago

Santa Fe Stars Rather Be Dancing !!! T-Shirt Photo

"Thanksgiving party where we were being grateful that we still have a small team and keep dancing regardless of all the loss we have gone through recently. This team has been going strong for 12 yrs..."   view full details

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All Different Colors, Same Message! by Vegetarian Society of Tulsa - about 1 month ago

All Different Colors, Same Message! T-Shirt Photo

"This was delivery day for our SECOND batch of t-shirts we've ordered from CustomInk! At the December 2014 Potluck of the Vegetarian Society of Tulsa we wanted to show you some the great people who ..."   view full details

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Dumas Group by Dumass - about 1 month ago

Dumas Group T-Shirt Photo

"Our camping group Christmas get together. A few faces are missing but most of the Dumass's are pictured. We are all a group of great friends that go camping together every other weekend from spring..."   view full details

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Beer Fest Crew by Lisa Wright - about 1 month ago

Beer Fest Crew T-Shirt Photo

"We attended Beer Fest 2014 at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Oaks PA. This was our second year and since our group keeps getting bigger and bigger we decided to get custom shirts made! We ..."   view full details

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Roberson Family Gathering by Robersons' of Orlando - about 1 month ago

Roberson Family Gathering T-Shirt Photo

"Entire family gathered for family fun in Orlando on Thanksgiving Weekend. Four children and seven grandchildren from Georgia,Chicago, Melbourne and Philadelphia. We had a blast and got a lot of co..."   view full details

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Nana State University - Thanksgiving by NSU - Nana State University - about 1 month ago

Win Nana State University   Thanksgiving T-Shirt Photo

"In October our family had lost our beloved Pop-pop while spending a weekend with the whole family at Nana and Pop-pops house I thought that Nanas house felt like college, the best college. Best mea..."   view full details

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My Birthday at The Price is right by Price is RIght - about 1 month ago

My Birthday At The Price Is Right T-Shirt Photo

"We came up with the T-shirt design for our trip to a taping of the Price is Right. It was my birthday so the buddy's shirts say "It's Bobby's Birthday, but pick Me!" and my shirt says "It's MY bir..."   view full details

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Turkey Bowl 2014 Champs by The Red Team - about 1 month ago

Turkey Bowl 2014 Champs T-Shirt Photo

"This is a photograph of the winners of our turkey bowl. The game was held on Thanksgiving every year, and this year we decided to make jerseys for the game because it is the last year before we all..."   view full details

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