Custom T-Shirts for gathering

The Fine Winers by Jack the Zinner - 28 days ago

The Fine Winers T-Shirt Photo

"Our friendship group of over 40 years at one of our rotating get togethers held 4 times a year. We do enjoy our wine but as we age the quality far outweighs the quantity."

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Our Family Retreat by Papa Woo's - 2 months ago

Our Family Retreat T-Shirt Photo

"My dad built this shed off the back of his shop where he kept his grill and smoker. Over time it evolved and we added a few chairs so we could join him while he was out cooking. In 2004, we decided to make the place a little ‘fancier’ and poured some concrete, added a fire pit, and a few stone benches. It was affectionately named “Papa Woo’s”. Over time, it became the place where my parents enjoy their morning coffee, the boys get together to smoke a cigar, and the whole family ends up nightly when we are all back home together. In 2011, I had the very first shirt made for my dad that said “Papa Woo’s, Est. 2004” and one of his favorite quotes written on the back. The very same quote is proudly displayed on the wall of our humble retreat. Soon after, my mom decided that she needed a shirt, too. Friends begin to ask for some for birthdays. Now, on the 10th anniversary of Papa Woo’s, we celebrated with ordering shirts for us all! Thanks to CustomInk for all of their great service and helping us pay tribute to our little happy place."

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Waiolaihui'ia by Church group - 10 months ago

Waiolaihui'ia T-Shirt Photo

"Church gathering on Maui."

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Hens of 2012 by The Fab Five - almost 2 years ago

Hens Of 2012 T-Shirt Photo

"This is the 3rd annual hen party. Ladies from all over participate. The different colors represent where the group is from. Pink Chicago, purple Milwaukee, blue Tennessee, turquoise flint, green Florida. Every lady brings a drink and a dish. We have vendors play games etc. "

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Family reunion by melamie - almost 4 years ago

Family Reunion T-Shirt Photo

"We had these specially made for our annual family reunion. My Mom had 13 brothers and sisters in her family and only 4 sisters are living still. We have a yearly reunion where we came at a resort and spend thursday thru monday with family having a fun time. We all wear our shirts from our family so that everyone knows which of the original sisters and brothers we are from."

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Best Friends - Together Again! by Back-Together - over 4 years ago

Best Friends   Together Again! T-Shirt Photo

"We were best friends in high school who lost touch and got reintroduced at a high school football game. Since the game we set aside a Saturday every three months to catch up, hang out and talk about old times. We made shirts with and received exceptional service and a quality t-shirt that we've worn for the last two events. New designs for a hoodie are in the works!"

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L"Arche Regional Gathering 20006 by MoreheadD - about 8 years ago

L"Arche Regional Gathering 20006 T-Shirt Photo

"L'Arche communities bring together people, some with developmental disabilities and some without, who choose to share their lives by living together. In June 2006, 220 people from L'Arche communities and 220 CustomInk tshirts got together for their biennial regional gathering."

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