Government T-Shirt Design Ideas & Clipart

Make your events more memorable with custom government t-shirts! As you can see from the customer photos below, custom tees make every event more fun. To find inspiration for your own t-shirt masterpiece, check out our campaign supplies page and government design ideas.

NORD by National Organization for Rare Diseases - 3 months ago

Nord T-Shirt Photo

"The NORD staff participated in t-shirt day to show their team spirit in all 3 of our national offices. The best part of our shirts are the slogan on the back: "Alone we are rare. Together we are..."   view full details

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Beach Cleanup in Connecticut by NAMEPA - 4 months ago

Beach Cleanup In Connecticut T-Shirt Photo

"Our CustomInk shirts were used for a beach cleanup that NAMEPA (the North American Marine Environment Protection Association) did with a local boys & girls club in Connecticut. As you can see, we p..."   view full details

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Karam Foundation's Zeitouna: Creative Therapy for Displaced Syrian Children by Karam Foundation - 4 months ago

Win Karam Foundation's Zeitouna: Creative Therapy For Displaced Syrian Children T-Shirt Photo

"Karam Foundation's Lina Sergie Attar and Kinda Hibrawi and the Apt-ART artists pose in their Custom Ink t-shirts and sweatshirts in front of the giant mural created by the Apt-ART team and hundreds..."   view full details

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VA PRIDE by MSCPAC SMYRNA TN - 4 months ago

Va Pride T-Shirt Photo

"T-Shirts were ordered as part of of organization desire to display pride in the workplace. Over 200+ shirts were ordered the first time, and then we did a 2nd design, and ended up placed another 1..."   view full details

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Annual Austism Walk by EASTCONN Autism Program - 4 months ago

Annual Austism Walk T-Shirt Photo

"This is the Annual Autism Walk we attended on 10/25"   view full details

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Ladies Tennis Team by 2014 Tennis - 4 months ago

Ladies Tennis Team T-Shirt Photo

"October 3 - November 2, 2014 - annual tennis tournament to benefit Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc., a local charity in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. VERY happy with the t shirts we received fro..."   view full details

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Asian Elephant Support Board by - 4 months ago

Asian Elephant Support Board T-Shirt Photo

"Although we are visiting Bud (Budweiser!) at Grant's Farm in St. Louis on the weekend of our annual board meeting, our nonprofit focuses on supporting the care and conservation of Asian elephants i..."   view full details

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Annual Garage Sale! by Sonlight 4Kenya - 4 months ago

Annual Garage Sale! T-Shirt Photo

"Sonlight 4Kenya is a nonprofit organization who raise money to fund relief projects in Ngaamba, Kenya. One of our Fundraisers was a garage sale where we raised about $630! Thanks custom ink for ma..."   view full details

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Lafayette Community Gardeners with "Chickens" by - 4 months ago

Lafayette Community Gardeners With "Chickens" T-Shirt Photo

"Our garden wanted to have an identifying tee shirt and the opportunity to sell them at our recent October Harvest Festival open house. We also purchased aprons and cups that have all been very popu..."   view full details

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Parade Crew by parade crew - 4 months ago

Parade Crew T-Shirt Photo

"I am running for County Treasurer and this is my Parade Walking Crew with our cart complete with beads and candy. "   view full details

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