Custom T-Shirts for government

What would Kemp Do? by Jo-anna - almost 7 years ago

What Would Kemp Do? T-Shirt Photo

"We are a group of supervisors working in child protection, youth justice and mental health for children in BC. Our boss, Kemp, is a great guy with a good sense of humor. As homage and for fun, we g..."   view full details

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Restoration Day Volunteers by RestorationDay2007 - over 7 years ago

Restoration Day Volunteers T-Shirt Photo

"In June NOAA (National Oceanic and Admospheric sdministration)employees from the DC area participated in "Restoration Day." This is a time for scientists to get out of their cubes and get wet and ..."   view full details

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Medford, OR SPBS Maintenance Team by Phoenix - over 8 years ago

Medford, Or Spbs Maintenance Team T-Shirt Photo

"This photo is of a group of maintenance people from Medford Oregon who had a hand in restoring an old machine and making it one of the best in the nation. This is one great crew we have. Our expe..."   view full details

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