Happy T-Shirt Design Ideas and Free Clipart

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, these pictures are sure to make you smile – after all, who doesn’t love seeing happy people wearing happy t-shirts?! The folks in the pictures below are smiling ear to ear because they designed their own awesome products at CustomInk. To get started on a design that will make your group grin, check out our happy design ideas.

Ewing Fun by Bemmy - 2 months ago

Ewing Fun T-Shirt Photo

"Ewing Family Reunion, Cookout at Glenburnie Park in New Bern, NC. Great experience with CustomInk, we loved our caps and shirts."

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Argosy University, Tampa by Argosy University, Tampa - 2 months ago

Argosy University, Tampa T-Shirt Photo

"We bought our admissions team "Argosy University" t-shirt for our casual day on Friday's. We have recently seen a huge desire from our students for the same shirts. We have made additional orders for our students. CustomInk has been great and very responsive. We'll continue to make orders when our staff and students want them. We've loved CustomInk. "

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Martinez Branch by 25th Annual Abuela Panchita's Family Reunion - 2 months ago

Martinez Branch T-Shirt Photo

"This shirt was made for our annual family reunion. Being that is was the 25th year Anniversary since we began having the reunion we decided it was time for a new special shirt. We've only made two others over all the years. This was by the far the nicest of all. We decided to include everyone's name. The first name is the that of the Matriarch of the family, Frances Caperon Rodriguez or as we lovingly knew her Abuela Panchita. Then the first generation, her children (including inlaws), which was 16. Next is the second generation, all her grandchildren to date 58, followed bythe third generation, the great-grandchildren 118. Then come the fourth generation, the great-great- grandchildren 45 with the final 2 being the fifth generation, the great-great-great grandchildren, for a total of 240 names! This picture is just one branch of the family tree. Usually when the matriarch or patriarch of a family passes each branch of the family goes their own way and the family does not stay in touch. We all have our own lives and many children and activities that keep us all busy throughout the year, but we all know come the Saturday before Mother's Day (which is the date closest to Abuela Panchita's birthdate) most of us will have the day to spend together. We begin with a sunrise greeting at the cemetery to pray a rosary for Abuela, as she devoutly prayed it everyday. We follow that with breakfast at a local restaurant. Then we all rush off to pack up for the picnic. The day is full of activities such as swimming, horse shoes, water balloon and egg toss, simon says, volleyball, horse shoes, jumping castles, cotton candy, shaved ice, a pinata for the kids, music, singing and dancing. We get to touch base, get updated on the new additions and just have a fun filled day! Those of us with the energy then head home after the sun has set and the picnic has wound down, to shower and meet up at a local casino for music and dancing. All in all it is a grand weekend for all!"

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Plotts Family Kiawah Island Weekend by Plotts Family Thanksgiving - 2 months ago

Plotts Family Kiawah Island Weekend T-Shirt Photo

"Eighth annual Kiawah Island weekend for the Plotts family!"

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Out of the Blue Adventures Hunter Ski Adventure by Out Of The Blue Adventures - 3 months ago

Out Of The Blue Adventures Hunter Ski Adventure T-Shirt Photo

"This photo was taken on one of our many exciting adventures. our amazing shirts were made by custom ink. the hunter mountain Winter Ski adventure was an awesome group who loved their adventure themed shirts and it shows in all of our photos thanks for an awesome product and keepsake for all of our adventurers. our motto at Out of the blue adventures is live life try something new."

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We Love to Party by Tope's Baby Shower - 3 months ago

We Love To Party T-Shirt Photo

"I had a wonderful experience with CustomInk from the first day of placing my order to the very last set of receiving my order. CustomInk even emailed me to see how the event went. That's great customer service. The picture was one of the last picture we took the day of the baby shower. Even one had already shake their butt, east, drink and socialize. We had a wonderful time. CustomInk made it even a better day with these wonderful shirt. All the soon to be aunty and uncle stand out. Thank You so much CustomInk "

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Mountain Lions by Kellie - 3 months ago

Mountain Lions T-Shirt Photo

"This is our soccer team. We love the uniforms!!"

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Business Crawl by Vanessa DiNardo - 3 months ago

Business Crawl T-Shirt Photo

"Senior business students bar and restaurant crawl. Again another flawless experience with custom ink!!"

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Wisconsin Booze Cruise - April 2014 on the Carnival Breeze by Wisconsin Booze Cruise - 3 months ago

Wisconsin Booze Cruise   April 2014 On The Carnival Breeze T-Shirt Photo

"This is only part of total group for this cruise because I designed the t-shirts the week before the cruise. We had 24 hours to get in contact with all 37 people to get the shirts ordered so they would arrive before we left. We did get 17 shirts ordered, but we'll try for more next time. We go with most of the same people on a cruise to different destinations every other year. This is the 1st time doing a t-shirts as well as working with CustomInk and we never would have thought it would be so easy. Your website is so user friendly and super easy to design any type of t-shirt. we love all the different types of graphics and lettering fonts. We'll definitely do this again!! THANK YOU for making this so fun and easy. Also, your customer service on the phone is great to work with. I apologize for forgetting the name of girl that helped us, but she was super helpful!!"

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SKIM: Expect great bodies by SKIM - 3 months ago

Skim: Expect Great Bodies T-Shirt Photo

"Office athletic event: 5K epic fail challenge full of fun obstacles and lots of laughs! Creating the shirts with CustomInk was a lot of fun- they offered many insights and on demand help! Great experience- will be back for more! "

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