Custom Navy T-Shirt Design Ideas

Design and order custom Navy t-shirts and sweatshirts from CustomInk! As you can see from the customer photos below, Navy is the perfect choice for your police t-shirts, military t-shirts, and more! Need some inspiration? Check out our US Navy design ideas.

North Cross Youth Mission Trip 07 by North_Cross_Youth - about 7 years ago

North Cross Youth Mission Trip 07 T-Shirt Photo

"This is our youth group on its 4th mission trip together. This year we are in Springfield, Missouri building wheelchair accesible ramps for the elderly. This is the first one we have done "solo". The youth were sure surprised to receive t-shirts as usually they are provided when we go with other groups. It was fun to surprise them with great looking t-shirts just as we were heading to Springfield. And the process was easy for designing and ordering."

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The River 2007 by robindahlen - about 7 years ago

The River 2007 T-Shirt Photo

"This is the official Dahlen, Bernhard and Truman family reunion photo, taken July 2007 on Carleton Island, which is located on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York. We look most festive in our reunion T-shirts...thanks CustomInk!"

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Foley High School Dance Club by FHS - about 7 years ago

Foley High School Dance Club T-Shirt Photo

"This is a historic even for Foley High School. We have enver had a dance program and this is the first picture of the club. Your shirts went down in LION history."

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Seaside Bar Crawl by Crawlers - about 7 years ago

Seaside Bar Crawl T-Shirt Photo

"A group of us partake in an annual bar crawl, consisting of thirteen bars in Seaside Heights, NJ. This year, we showed solidarity by wearing specially designed shirts we got from Thanks to everybody who participated as well as to our friends at CustomInk"

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Bengal Tigers Flag Football Team by BengalTigers - about 7 years ago

Bengal Tigers Flag Football Team T-Shirt Photo

"Awesome CustomInk jerseys which we used in the MAS Sports Tournament in Tampa, Florida."

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Fat Camp retrEAT by Valerie - about 7 years ago

Fat Camp Retr Eat T-Shirt Photo

"Every summer my family goes to Tremblant. You see, our family is a little different than others when it comes to vacation. While other people treat each day as it comes, my family, a group of cooks, are constantly thinking about what they are going to prepare for each meal. It’s seriously an obsession! Over time, its become part of my family's identity. For example, when we do something physically active (like take a hike up the mountain), we always joke that we're 'Fat Camp'. "Fat Camp goes Hiking, Fat Camp goes for a Bike!, Fat Camp goes Rafting!". That’s why on the back of our shirts it says..”Fat Camp goes…For Dinner?” Since food is the one and only thing on our mind! This year, when we found out we'd be going again I thought it would he hilarious if we had shirts. We did it more as an inside joke for ourselves and we promised that we would only wear them during sports. Since the shirts turned out AMAZING, we were too excited and decided to wear them on our first day walking around the village. It was probably one of the funniest moments of our lives. Everyone was staring at us and asking us questions about them. We even had one lady try so hard to get a look at them that she walked right into a pole!!! We also had a real estate agent ask us a few days after we wore them if we were the group wearing the awesome shirts in the village. It was great! So all and all 'Fat Camp' took over Mount Tremblant thanks to our shirts from CustomInk! I'd have to say that I was amazed with the service and how quickly the process went. The people who I worked with were SO helpful and it made the experience a pleasure. I will definitely go to customink again this year for some orders for my residence council and you bet I’ll be back for next years retrEAT! Now for some breakfast… ;)"

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I can Relate by AmyC - about 7 years ago

Win I Can Relate T-Shirt Photo

"I used CustomInk for tee shirts for TEAM RDI that ran in the Autism Ribbon Run in Raleigh, NC. These are a few of my participants. CustomInk did a great job and I will use them again. LOVE that create it online thing."

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THESE SHIRTS ARE SHARP, JUST LIKE THIS SWORD by Vertek_Viking - about 7 years ago

These Shirts Are Sharp, Just Like This Sword T-Shirt Photo

"We ordered these shirts for the Dragon Boat Festival in Burlington Vermont. These shirts helped us win the prize of MOST TEAM SPIRIT as we called ourselves the Vertek Vikings. Thanks Customer Ink for helping me with the design of the shirts, you guys are AWESOME."

Back to the top @ Lollapalooza 2007 by - about 7 years ago

Ne Xhit.Com @ Lollapalooza 2007 T-Shirt Photo

"The Street Team enjoying an awesome time at Lollapalooza 2007. My experience with CustomInk was great - I even got my shirts 2 days early!"

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4Generations by Dennis2007 - about 7 years ago

4 Generations T-Shirt Photo

"This is our new family photo at our 2007 family reunion. The last time we took a family photo was 1964. Custom Ink t-shirts really made this photo turn out great. Thank you."

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