New York T-Shirt Design Ideas and Templates

16 cousins on a bike tour through NYC (1) by SmitsFamily - over 8 years ago

16 Cousins On A Bike Tour Through Nyc (1) T-Shirt Photo

"16 cousins from the Netherlands took part in the Century Bike Tour through NYC, which took place on September 10. Picture taken at rest-stop in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Absolutely brilliant service..."   view full details

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Scarlet Edge Winterguard Rocks by GuardRox - over 8 years ago

Scarlet Edge Winterguard Rocks T-Shirt Photo

"This was a fun night at practice. The team is laying on silk flags they use during competition. We love both the team tshirts and team hoodies and are definitely sticking with CustomInk for our pr..."   view full details

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8th Annual Seafood Party by Seafood2006 - over 8 years ago

Win 8th Annual Seafood Party T-Shirt Photo

"This year was our 8th annual seafood party (lobster, clams, scallops, shrimp, plus of course steak, chicken, salt potatoes....). We have been wanting t-shirts for years but couldn't find a place ..."   view full details

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The Swingerettes Rule by Leslie - over 8 years ago

The Swingerettes Rule T-Shirt Photo

"Our husband's played on a men's softball league called the Swingers, and every week, the Swingerettes came out to support them in their fantastic Customink shirts."   view full details

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Omar's Birthday Bar Crawl by Anne - over 8 years ago

Omar's Birthday Bar Crawl T-Shirt Photo

"We celebrated a friends birthday "bar crawl" style wearing these t-shirts in his honor to all 12 bars within our town. They were a big hit and we got a lot of free drinks that night!"   view full details

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Winery by ErinBachelorette - over 8 years ago

Winery T-Shirt Photo

"Erin's Bachelorette Weekend 9/8- 10, 2006. This picture was taken at the Pindar Winery on Long Island, NY. We had a blast! The shirts were definitely an attention grabber. We received a lot of ..."   view full details

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The small but mighty sophomore class of 2005 by Tzophomores - over 8 years ago

The Small But Mighty Sophomore Class Of 2005 T-Shirt Photo

"This is a picture of most of the sophomores in my youth group. The shirt says, "we might be small, but we sure compensate.""   view full details

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Student Osteopathic Medical Association by SOMA - over 8 years ago

Student Osteopathic Medical Association T-Shirt Photo

"Our SOMA customink shirts were a hit! The photo was taken during our Student Osteopathic Medical Association Membership Club Drive at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. We had 137 studen..."   view full details

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Corporate Challenge Race NYC 2006 by RockwellGroup - over 8 years ago

Corporate Challenge Race Nyc 2006 T-Shirt Photo

"We got our beautiful t-shirts on time for the run. We looked the best out of the 20,000 runners that day."   view full details

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YPC Seniors '06 by YPC_Seniors_2006 - over 8 years ago

Ypc Seniors '06 T-Shirt Photo

"It was our last year and our last trip with the Young People's Chorus of NYC and we went to York, England, for what was more or less chorus boot camp. We got sweatshirts to commemorate the occasion..."   view full details

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