Oktoberfest T-Shirt Templates & Clip Art

Trade in your lederhosen for some awesome Oktoberfest t-shirts from CustomInk! Oktoberfest is a time for fun, and the customer photos below show how matching tees make the party even better. To get inspired for your upcoming Oktoberfest, take a look at our Oktoberfest design ideas.

Posing Actors by tst - almost 6 years ago

Posing Actors T-Shirt Photo

"Our public relations shot for our upcoming performance at Oktoberfest, Hickory NC."

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Men Were Men....And Men Were Drunk! by Joe - almost 8 years ago

Men Were Men....And Men Were Drunk! T-Shirt Photo

"Oktoberfest began as a dream and quickly became a reality. All summer long we would go over to the beach on weekends with some beers and horseshoes and would always have a great time. After Labor Day the weather was getting colder and it seemed that the better beach days had passed. Everyone wanted just one more trip so we set up a weekend and called it Oktoberfest. Naturally we needed shirts to commemorate the event, and with the help of CustomInk the shirts were easy to make and arrived on time. The group shot only tells half the story. On the back of the shirts were a bunch of beer-glass icons and for each beer you drank, you crossed one off."

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