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We got silly at Lake Billy by - 26 days ago

We Got Silly At Lake Billy T-Shirt Photo

"I have been blessed with a very tight group of friends, and was thrilled that a big chunk of the group was able to get together for a "family vacation" this summer. Our group of 12 (I'm taking the picture) spent 4 days and 3 nights on a house boat at Lake Billy Chinook in the high desert of Oregon this summer. There was much laughter, a lot of floating and swimming in the lake, boating galore, one too many a hot dog, plenty of beverages, and just enough vitamin D from that beautiful summer sunshine. I knew our trip would be enhanced with matching tank-tops because what friend-group doesn't want to pose as an adorable vacationing family?! Custom Ink made it super easy to design the perfect tank-top for the trip, and let me tell you - no one was allowed to board our "ship" without wearing it. :) Thank you Custom Ink for adding to our memorable vacation! We definitely got shwilly [silly] at Lake Billy! "

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Keeper of the Morrellisms!! by Morrelli's Crew - 10 months ago

Keeper Of The Morrellisms!! T-Shirt Photo

"This t-shirt is for my husbands college room mate-Mike Morrelli. It was his 50th birthday, we spent it in Puerto Vallarta with other old college friends. "Morrellisms" are some of Mikes infamous sayings, words he makes up that they have laughed about through the years. I'm sure the printers at Customink wonder what in the world does this stuff mean but to our crew it is hilarious. Everyone was so nice at your company and so very helpful!! I had a wonderful first experience!! Thanks you!"

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