Custom T-Shirts for polo

Digital Crates Entertainment Specialists by Digital Crates Entertainment Specialists - 7 days ago

Digital Crates Entertainment Specialists  T-Shirt Photo

"This is our 6 shirt set that we have purchased CustomInk. The quality of the shirts and great all year round. With our company name and individual names make things a lot easier for our clients to ..."   view full details

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WI-MI team having fun in AZ by WI- MI team having fun - like always - 8 days ago

Wi Mi Team Having Fun In Az T-Shirt Photo

"Golf tournament for Arizona City Daze, Chamber of Commerce fund raiser. CustomInk staff was terrific they were very diligent to get my order right and exactly what we wanted. "   view full details

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St. Mary Teachers Love Custom Ink by Some of our St. Mary School teachers in their AWESOME Custom Ink! - 5 months ago

St. Mary Teachers Love Custom Ink T-Shirt Photo

"Our St. Mary teachers showed off their new Custom Ink staff polos at our district-wide in-service on September 22! We received MANY compliments & several teachers from other schools asked where we..."   view full details

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The Cousins Club by Cousins - 9 months ago

The Cousins Club T-Shirt Photo

"This has been my 2nd year ordering from Custom Ink. My experience has been wonderful. My cousins and I have our own club and we give a family and friends picnic every year. Our polo shirts are al..."   view full details

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Mintons@760N.LimestoneLexingtonKY by Jessie Zagaruyka - 11 months ago

Mintons@760 N.Limestone Lexington Ky T-Shirt Photo

"This is my brother Nick in the picture showing off the shirts after they pulled them out of the box. He is standing in my sister's restaurant, Mintons. These shirts were made for them as a gift fro..."   view full details

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specialty clinic nurses by Karen - almost 2 years ago

Specialty Clinic Nurses T-Shirt Photo

"In honor of nurse's week this year we decided to get a shirt to distinguish us from the other areas of the outpatient clinic.We chose red,white and blue in honor of the military veterans that we se..."   view full details

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SAFE by Pierce County 4H Shotgun Team - almost 2 years ago

Safe T-Shirt Photo

"This was our first shooting competition wearing our new team shirts printed by Custom Ink. We all looked great as we took first place in the tournament with 5 of our students making perfect scores...."   view full details

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The Number Crunchers by Business Services 2013 - almost 2 years ago

The Number Crunchers T-Shirt Photo

"The Business Services Team decided to show their team spirit and purchase polos to wear on Payday and other important events. CustomInk was fast and friendly. Thier website is very user friend..."   view full details

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Hampden-Sydney College Rugby by Hampden-Sydney College Rugby - almost 2 years ago

Hampden Sydney College Rugby T-Shirt Photo

"We wanted to look classy when traveling to and from matches, so we ordered polos from Customink. The site was easy to use, customer service superlative and the shirts are awesome!!!"   view full details

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Warblers by Kessy - almost 2 years ago

Warblers T-Shirt Photo

"In this photo we see the chamber ensemble, The Warblers, letting loose and having fun in their natural habitat after getting their more serious annual photo out of the way. "   view full details

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