Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas

DKPhi Sisters' Weekend 2014 by Melissa Petersen - about 1 month ago

Dk Phi Sisters' Weekend 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"We all thoroughly enjoyed our annual sisters' weekend in Chincoteague,VA this year, which was held from 5/30 to 6/2. Everyone loved the fit and feel of their shirts, which we received in plenty of time without any hassle or delay. In fact, we are already starting to plan our design for next year's shirts!"

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Beach Babes by Teacherbetsy - 2 months ago

Beach Babes T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken at Carolina Beach on May 18, 2014. These are ladies who have been friends since middle school. Now in our 40s, we like to reunite when we can for vacations. I wanted to surprise everyone on this trip with a tshirt. They turned out awesome, thanks to Custom Ink! "

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Martinez Branch by 25th Annual Abuela Panchita's Family Reunion - 2 months ago

Martinez Branch T-Shirt Photo

"This shirt was made for our annual family reunion. Being that is was the 25th year Anniversary since we began having the reunion we decided it was time for a new special shirt. We've only made two others over all the years. This was by the far the nicest of all. We decided to include everyone's name. The first name is the that of the Matriarch of the family, Frances Caperon Rodriguez or as we lovingly knew her Abuela Panchita. Then the first generation, her children (including inlaws), which was 16. Next is the second generation, all her grandchildren to date 58, followed bythe third generation, the great-grandchildren 118. Then come the fourth generation, the great-great- grandchildren 45 with the final 2 being the fifth generation, the great-great-great grandchildren, for a total of 240 names! This picture is just one branch of the family tree. Usually when the matriarch or patriarch of a family passes each branch of the family goes their own way and the family does not stay in touch. We all have our own lives and many children and activities that keep us all busy throughout the year, but we all know come the Saturday before Mother's Day (which is the date closest to Abuela Panchita's birthdate) most of us will have the day to spend together. We begin with a sunrise greeting at the cemetery to pray a rosary for Abuela, as she devoutly prayed it everyday. We follow that with breakfast at a local restaurant. Then we all rush off to pack up for the picnic. The day is full of activities such as swimming, horse shoes, water balloon and egg toss, simon says, volleyball, horse shoes, jumping castles, cotton candy, shaved ice, a pinata for the kids, music, singing and dancing. We get to touch base, get updated on the new additions and just have a fun filled day! Those of us with the energy then head home after the sun has set and the picnic has wound down, to shower and meet up at a local casino for music and dancing. All in all it is a grand weekend for all!"

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Cinco de Mayo by Rina - 3 months ago

Cinco De Mayo T-Shirt Photo

"These tank tops were made for our annual reunion at the lake. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style this year! CustomInk was awesome to work with and shipped everything so fast! We loved the tanks!"

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Get Busy Livin' by Florida Reunion - 3 months ago

Get Busy Livin' T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken during Thanksgiving 2013. Thank you to custom ink for making this a great "family photo" We didn't notice until later that the little one in the bottom corner had the custom ink sticker in the palm of his hand when we took the photo. PERFECT! Needless to say this is one of about 11 photos that were taken and one more family pet is missing in action. Thank you again. Your customer device is impeccable . The other tshirt that I ordered will be used for another family event in October 2014. Stay tuned..."

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UNCW Women's Soccer Alumni 2014 by UNCW Women's Soccer Alumni - 4 months ago

Uncw Women's Soccer Alumni 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"Each year the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Women's Soccer Team Alumni get together to play in our annual 7-aside tournament. This year we celebrated 20 years for our young program. The slate gray shirts with the teal logo are the awesome shirts we ordered for the alumni team from Custom Ink. Thanks for making us look good even in our old age!! "

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Irish I Had A Beer by Dallas - 4 months ago

Irish I Had A Beer T-Shirt Photo

"We have been running the Shamrock 8k in Virginia Beach since 2009. Each year we order tshirts from CustomInk and this year decided to order sweatshirts. They were a hit and super warm after the race. Can't wait for next year!"

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Shenanigans part 3 by Kara Gambino - 4 months ago

Shenanigans Part 3 T-Shirt Photo

"For the past 5 years our friends and family reunite at the St Paddy's Day Parade in Scranton, Pennsylvania! It's a great time with food, music and beer! The last 2 years we have made shirts through custom ink and they are a huge hit! Everyone loved them! The shirts add to our memories and now are apart of our tradition! Custom ink was easy to use and very professional! "

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Girl's Weekend by B&B Tour 2014 - 5 months ago

Girl's Weekend T-Shirt Photo

"What began as a bachelorette party years back has turned into an annual bar crawl for girlfriends who live in several different states and are unable to see eachother otherwise due to busy family and work lives. We all look forward to our March adventure every year. The custom shirts we get from CustomInk are always a hit and we get so many compliments on them. CustomInks customer service is, hands down, the most friendliest and courteous I've ever dealt with. Thank you for being a part of our beloved tour every year."

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Hootie Hoo - Annual Ski Trip by Hootie Hoo - Utah, Gimme 2 - 6 months ago

Hootie Hoo   Annual Ski Trip T-Shirt Photo

"Every year our group of college friends reunites for one long weekend of boarding/skiing at different mountains across the west. This year we had great snow at The Canyons - Park City, Utah and sported these sweet shirts!"

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