Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas and Clipart

Custom reunion t-shirts provide groups with mementos of their special get-togethers, and they help build lasting camaraderie among families, school classes, old friends, and more! Take a look at these photos of our customers in their custom t-shirts – they’re having a great time reconnecting with each other, and their matching t-shirts show how tightly knit they are. Need some reunion t-shirt design tips? Visit our reunion t-shirt design ideas page and start designing your own custom reunion shirts today!

Flannery Clan by Flannery Clan - 8 months ago

Flannery Clan T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk was great. customer service was fantastic and they saved me $300 because I placed the order wrong. The photo is of our Family Reunion from July 31st to August 3rd at the Woodloch Resort in Hawley Pa. "

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AC Greasers - Friends Forever! by Friends Forever! - 9 months ago

Ac Greasers   Friends Forever! T-Shirt Photo

"This picture was taken at our 1st ever Arctic Circle Greaser's Reunion. We ordered 75 Tshirts in all and of course all of our 'Greasers' aren't in this picture but the core members who were there when it all started back in the 60's are in this picture. This was and is a group of people who probably haven't seen many of the others in 35+ years but conversations and connections were there as if we had never been apart. This was a special reunion for us - all of our friends from the late 50's and 60's .. together again!"

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2B Monks by The Monks - 9 months ago

2 B Monks  T-Shirt Photo

"This was a reunion of best friends that haven't seen one another in over 25 years. We had a name for our group, a creed, a color, and specific conditions for inclusion to our group way back when. The shirts we had made were our color, had a portion of our creed on them, the name of our group and our nicknames on the back. They made our reunion even better and more fun. We are planning more get-togethers for the future and the shirts will be worn to all of them. "

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Beach Trip Reunion! by Dena Jeanes - 9 months ago

Beach Trip Reunion! T-Shirt Photo

"Our bi-annual beach trip began many years ago when two friends who had moved apart met with their young families for a beach vacation. The reunion has grown over the years and the two friends are now joined not only by their children, but by their grandchildren and their children's friends and families who continue to enjoy the beach traditions and make wonderful new memories together."

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Our Crazy Family by GCC Family Reunion - 9 months ago

Our Crazy Family T-Shirt Photo

"This was in the Guadalupe Mountains at our family reunion. We go there every 2 years and have a great time with each other. This was the first time we had professionally done t-shirts-they were much easier than the iron-on ones we have done in the past and they looked so much better!"

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We are family! by Smith Family Reunion - 9 months ago

We Are Family! T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken at our family reunion on July 6th in Lafayette, Louisiana. Everyone loved their shirt and the quality is excellent. This is our second big order for our reunions. We have a reunion every year in different states. Next year will be in Mississippi and we look forward to ordering again!"

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Our Super Hero In Finally Home!! by Proud Sister - 9 months ago

Our Super Hero In Finally Home!! T-Shirt Photo

"The shirts we did were for my sister-in-law and my nephews to wear for when my brother returned home from Afghanistan (he was gone for 7 months serving our country and returned home this past Sunday). They obviously missed him like crazy (as did the rest of my family). My nephews wore the shirts when they greeted him off the bus. My nephews LOVE the Avengers and call my brother Iron Man. He really is everyone's super hero!! Thanks to CustomInk (particularly Carly and Amanda M.) for being so helpful and so easy to work with! From what I understand the shirts were a HUGE hit!! "

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Richman Reunion 2013 - 60th Wedding Celebration by RichmanReunion2013 - 9 months ago

Richman Reunion 2013   60th Wedding Celebration T-Shirt Photo

"Howard and Joan Richman have been married for 60 years. This summer they brought the whole family together to the Club Med in Florida. The family gathered for a anniversary celebration and reunion all in one. The shirts we designed has a silhouette of Howard and Joan holding hands on the front, and the family tree on the back. The love that this family shares has no bounds all because Howard and Joan's love is never ending."

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St. Louis Reunion by Schurle Family - 9 months ago

St. Louis Reunion T-Shirt Photo

"Our family decided to do Christmas in July instead of during the normal holiday rush. These t-shirts helped us keep track of each other while visiting the St. Louis Zoo and City Museum. An unexpected benefit was that it made going out to eat a breeze! We asked for separate tickets and all the server had to do was note the color of the tshirt to keep the orders organized! The CustomInk logo on the back of the tshirt proved to be handy also. We could easily know it was someone from our group when we saw "Inky"! Working with CustomInk couldn't have been easier. They graciously answered all my questions and also followed up to make sure the order was completed to our satisfaction. Would definitely work with CustomInk again!"

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2013 SA Reunion by Dorothy Lou Peredo - 9 months ago

2013 Sa Reunion T-Shirt Photo

"June 22, 2013 Mission Bay Beach, San Diego, CA Very responsive staff team and qualify of work. Overall, satisfied with experience and will definitely promote and reorder from Customink. "

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