Custom T-Shirts for rice university

Freshmen engineers at Rice University O Week by Ann Lugg - 28 days ago

Freshmen Engineers At Rice University O Week T-Shirt Photo

"Every year we have an advising session for all incoming freshmen engineers. They come from their colleges (dorms), each college in a different color t-shirt. This year we decided we wanted them to identify themselves not as a member of a college, but as engineers, so, like the tag on the t-shirts said, we united them with a tee! We had them put on the blue tees over their many-colored ones and took this shot. They loved getting a free t-shirt, by the way!"

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Top Cocktail Live! by rtv5 - almost 7 years ago

Top Cocktail Live! T-Shirt Photo

"Group photograph taken after an amazing live episode of Top Cocktail, rtv5's bartending competition show. We gave shirts to all our club members and gave tens of shirts out to the audience. We put our order in kind of late, but CustomInk delivered in time for us to have great swag for our event!"

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