Custom T-Shirts for robotics

VEX Cyber Shootout Robotic Competition by Team 4241A Jaguars - 24 days ago

Vex Cyber Shootout Robotic Competition T-Shirt Photo

"Team 4241A and 4241B participate in the Belton high school Cyber Shootout Jan. 24th. 2015 in Belton Mo. BFTAA has been sponsoring robotics teams for 4 years and this was the first year that we were..."   view full details

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Team 3615S by Triangle Elementary School Robotics - about 1 month ago

Team 3615 S T-Shirt Photo

"Recently this team competed at a VEX IQ Robotics Skills Challenge in Triangle, VA. They won first place in Robot Skills and Programming Skills - beating all other elementary and middle school team..."   view full details

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AGCS Robotics Rockin' Team Spirit by kakintoye - about 1 month ago

Agcs Robotics Rockin' Team Spirit T-Shirt Photo

"I coach a team of students that work to design a robot that competes in competitions. In order to unify the team and promote team spirit, they worked to design a t-shirt that represented them. I wa..."   view full details

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Onalaska Middle School Robotics Team by Onalaska Middle School Robotics Team - 3 months ago

Onalaska Middle School Robotics Team T-Shirt Photo

"The students are in their classroom at Onalaska Middle School, Onalaska, WA"   view full details

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FRC Team 5106 by Shawn - 3 months ago

Frc Team 5106  T-Shirt Photo

"This was our rookie year participating in FIRST Robotic Competition at the Chesapeake Regional at College Park, MD. We placed 13 out of 54 teams and earned the award for Top Rookie Seed that are s..."   view full details

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Girrafic Bot Rules! by - 3 months ago

Girrafic Bot Rules! T-Shirt Photo

"Our Rookie Team 9113 at our first Robotics Competition in Highland Park sporting our awesome shirts from CustomInk."   view full details

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Galt Cyber Cats Robotics by Coach Alison - 3 months ago

Galt Cyber Cats Robotics T-Shirt Photo

"The team looked great in their tshirts from Custom Ink. They competed at the First Lego League Robotics Competition in Elk Grove, CA and did an excellent job, placing 5th out of 16 teams overall. ..."   view full details

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Showing off our robot engineering to the judges by The Newtonians LEGO FLL Team - 3 months ago

Showing Off Our Robot Engineering To The Judges T-Shirt Photo

"We are here wearing our CustomInk tees. They came just in time thanks to help from the flawless CustomInk staff. We really appreciate that everything was as the staff said it would be. The shirts h..."   view full details

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Ninjabots Rule! by FIRST Ninjabots - 4 months ago

Ninjabots Rule! T-Shirt Photo

"We are a FIRST Lego League team called Ninjabots under the group FIRST Appalachian Robotics. We build and program a robot to compete in a course to solve various missions centered around a theme. ..."   view full details

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LEGO my Robot! by - 4 months ago

Lego My Robot! T-Shirt Photo

"This was a practice tournament for FLL (First Lego League). CustomInk created these fabulous t-shirts to help show our team spirit!"   view full details

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