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Pi Eating Contest as just one of the many great events at GW by E-Week-2009-at-GW - over 5 years ago

Pi Eating Contest As Just One Of The Many Great Events At Gw T-Shirt Photo

"National Engineers' Week was from February 15th to the 21st. Up and coming college aged engineers at The George Washington University's School of Engineering and Applied Science participated in the week's festivities with events like the egg drop from seven stories, paper plan contests, pi(e) eating contest, rededication of the engineering study lounge, penny boat building, Black scientist trivia, Red Cross Blood Drive, non-Newtonian fluid demonstration, Engineers' Quiz Bowl, Bowling Tournament, LASER tag, professional lectures, day in the life of an engineer presentation, etc. in their awesome Engineers' Week (E-Week) shirts made by The order not only arrived early, but the shirts were such a hit that engineers and non-engineers alike could be seen sporting the tees. These shirts further enabled bonding between students, as well as students and staff/faculty!"

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