Custom T-Shirts for small group

Cheering for our guys by Shirley's Army - 4 months ago

Cheering For Our Guys T-Shirt Photo

"I had these shirts designed and sold them for a fundraiser at our church. All the fans of our men's softball team purchased a shirt to show our support at the games and also to donate to the church. They came out so well, thanks so much to the design team for all your help!"

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Broad Street Run-We Run for Sushi by Kristen - 4 months ago

Broad Street Run We Run For Sushi T-Shirt Photo

"Genji is a Japanese Sushi Company. We make a lot of t-shirts with Custom Ink and they are amazing quality! We make t-shirts to wear for Broad Street Run in Philadelphia that say I run for Sushi on them."

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Walk for Autism by Joe's GIs - 4 months ago

Walk For Autism  T-Shirt Photo

"Our 3 youngest walkers for Joe's GIs, Walk for Autism Research 2014. There were 33 in our group!"

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The Errand Fairies at Your Service by The Errand Fairy and Errand Fairies in Training - 4 months ago

The Errand Fairies At Your Service T-Shirt Photo

"I just received my first order from custom ink. I am unbelievably impressed with the quality and overall atmosphere of Custom Ink. Matt B was not only knowledgeable and helpful, he genuinely cared about my order and making sure the graphics were exactly the way I wanted them for a high quality product. The shirts themselves are beyond impressive. I recently started my own business -- The Errand Fairy. I run errands. Anything you want done. Done right. Many times I have to take my little fairies along for the ride so I wanted to make them special shirts. They are E.F.I.T's - Errand Fairies in Training. We took this photo outside our house because I'm a home based business. We love the outdoors and wanted to show off our super powers. See the wings -- we fly and are bound by nothing!"

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SCSU Women's Lacrosse by Katie Dionne - 4 months ago

Scsu Women's Lacrosse T-Shirt Photo

"Taken at St. Cloud State University Campus Rec, we love Custom Ink! Our shirts turned out fantastic!!"

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Members of Shugo Tenshi ryu Aikijutsu by Paducah Budo Society - 4 months ago

Members Of Shugo Tenshi Ryu Aikijutsu T-Shirt Photo

"Students of Paducah Budo Society posing in their new shirts after class. The quality of the shirts are excellent and designing your shirt is super easy. Since this is a martial art school we chose the Sport Tek fabric and the students like how light weight they are. You simply won't find a better way to get shirts for your team, event, organization or fund raiser. What ever your need, CustomInk is the place for you!"

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walkin n smylin by walkin n smylin - 4 months ago

Walkin N Smylin T-Shirt Photo

"These were shirts CustomInk and Abigail helped me design for my team Walkin N Smylin for the 2014 MS Walk help on April 27th in Roxbury NJ"

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It's a Rose thing by Fun times - 4 months ago

It's A Rose Thing T-Shirt Photo

"Having fun in our matching sweatshirt "

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Messiah College Right to Life Club Leadership by Stacie Martin - 4 months ago

Messiah College Right To Life Club Leadership T-Shirt Photo

"This is the Messiah College Right to Life club leadership team for the coming year, wearing the winning t-shirt design from our t-shirt design contest! We also gave the t-shirts for free to members of the club who attended a certain number of meetings and events. Working with CustomInk was fantastic... the communication was superb, shipping was speedy, and everyone loved the t-shirts!"

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Rev3 Epic Adventure Race by Rev3EpicAdventure - 4 months ago

Rev3 Epic Adventure Race T-Shirt Photo

"We are a group of friends who grew up scouting together. We belong to the Ukrainian Scouting Organization, Plast and have been members and friends all our lives. We recently decided to compete in a competition called Rev3 Epic Adventure Race. A 26 hour race with canoeing, mountain biking, trekking and orienteering. Needless to say, we were exhausted! The shirts were a great material and quality and everyone commented about how great they looked! Thanks! Adrian"

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