Custom T-Shirts for son

Walk for Alfred by Walk for Alfred - 3 months ago

Walk For Alfred T-Shirt Photo

"We wore these neon shirts for my son's graduation so he could spot us in the parade! They were perfect, and everyone loved them!!"

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The Drew Crew - Cincinnati Autism Walk 2014 by The Drew Crew - 3 months ago

The Drew Crew   Cincinnati Autism Walk 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"Some of The Drew Crew team members at the Cincinnati Walk Now for Autism Speaks on May 17, 2014. We walked for our son, Drew who was diagnosed with autism in 2010. It was a great day and the team absolutely LOVED their shirts. Custom Ink was super helpful in making sure that they looked great. I uploaded the image of the American Flag puzzle piece and Custom Ink contacted me to let me know the colors didn't look exactly right. They fixed it and the shirts were spot on what we wanted!"

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Jack's Cobras by Kim Schultz - 3 months ago

Jack's Cobras T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk helped us create these amazing shirts for our sons walk for Congenital Heart Disease awareness walk that took place on May 18th...Ty you so much for your amazing customer service and donation to our cause...we look forward to working with you again next year???? "

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Nico's Angels at POAC Autism Walk for a Difference (5/18/14) by Nico's Angels - 3 months ago

Nico's Angels At Poac Autism Walk For A Difference (5/18/14) T-Shirt Photo

"This is our 3rd year walking for autism for our son Nico for POAC & our second year ordering from custom ink. The shirts are awesome... orange my son's favorite color & blue for autism. We were the loudest ones there & made a statement with our shirts. FANTASTIC! Thanks CustomInk!!!"

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Team Super Ethan walking for Autism by Super Ethan Autism Speaks Walk - 3 months ago

Team Super Ethan Walking For Autism  T-Shirt Photo

"Queens/ manhattan autism speaks walk"

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Super Ethan Autism Speaks Walk by Super Ethan Autism Speaks Walk - 3 months ago

Super Ethan Autism Speaks Walk T-Shirt Photo

"This event was special to us considering that our son was diagnosed with autism last year. We participated in the queens/ manhattan autism speaks walk in New York and the t shirts looked great! Everything on our shirts had a special meaning to us. When we received our t shirts it was exactly what we expected the design was exactly how I had created in online. Thank you soo much for helping us make this happen &Thank you for your donation :-). I was asked where I got my t shirts and how they can get one and I was proud to say I got my from custom ink!!!!"

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Art & Camron 2014 Roller Coaster Tour by art and camron - 3 months ago

Art & Camron 2014 Roller Coaster Tour T-Shirt Photo

"My son and I are taking a tour in search of roller coasters for his graduation present we are flying in my plane a Long EZ to Texas,Misiouri,Illinois,Ohio,and Colorado from Tucson I wanted the T shirts for fun"

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Mighty Mavericks - March for Babies by Mighty Miracle Mavericks - 3 months ago

Mighty Mavericks   March For Babies T-Shirt Photo

"This photograph is of our first March for Babies - March of Dimes walk that my family has participated in. My son Maverick was born at 27 weeks, 5 days gestation due to severe preeclampsia. Participating in this event was the perfect opportunity for us to raise money and give back to a community that so greatly needs funding and support. While my son was in the NICU, we kept saying "He may be tiny, but he is mighty!" He is now 21 months and we couldn't be more proud of his progress and strength. There are too many babies born prematurely, so supporting March for Babies will continue to be a part of our lives for a while. These shirts were custom designed by my sister in law and I loved the way custom ink took the image and created a master piece. The raglan gave us a unique look and was so comfortable! Customer service and communication was top notch. I had a terrible experience with another t-shirt company, so I switched to CustomInk and was happy and impressed with the ease of the site and ongoing communication they provided through emails and text messaging. Way to go Custom Ink!"

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Johnny the Activist by Shanon - 3 months ago

Johnny The Activist T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken of our son wearing one of your shirts before going to school. Being an outspoken secular advocate is important to our entire family and Custom Ink helps us to do that by providing quality merchandise and reliable customer service. "

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Eli walking at the hemowalk by Elizabeth - 3 months ago

Eli Walking At The Hemowalk T-Shirt Photo

"This is my son, Eli. He is walking with his grandma at the Tampa, FL Hemophilia Walk. Eli has hemophilia Type A and is still a very active little boy."

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