Custom T-Shirts for western university

Alzheimer Bike Campaign by Alzheimer Bike Campaign - over 1 year ago

Alzheimer Bike Campaign T-Shirt Photo

"spreading about Alzheimer Bike Campaign at Western University!"

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All the Meat We Can Eat! by WUMEC - almost 8 years ago

All The Meat We Can Eat! T-Shirt Photo

"Western U's Meat Eating Club (WUMEC) is a group of veterinary students that enjoy good food and where it comes from, as you can see by the design of the cow on a fork. As a group, we are tired of being told that eating meat is wrong by vegans at school and we show an appreciation for the animals that are raised for this. Once a month we celebrate by having a "MEATing" at a Brazilian Churascarria for all you can eat meat, this is the post meal photo."

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