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2/13/15 at 11:28 am eastern... CustomInk.com

The overall experience was great! Our team was impressed .with the quality, the printing, the price, and the very fast turn around from order to delivery. My only complaint was in regards to the permission to use our home bar's logo on the sleeve. Instead of one representative being the contact person regarding the permission to use the design, I had spoken with 4 different people in that few days trying to coordinate who was supposed to receive the permission from the bar owner even after the bar owner sent 2 emails to different people granting permission.

Bob M.
Romeoville, IL
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
2/13/15 at 11:15 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Great job! We go to this bar at a ski resort in PA called the Foggy Goggle. So we had shirts made for the day! LOL

Daniel C.
Glenshaw, PA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
1/30/15 at 12:43 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I worked with Melissa on this order, and she couldn't have been more helpful and fun to work with. The sweatshirts are better than expected, and the screen print seems to be of high quality. Our girls week-end starts today and I am so anxious to give them all their sweatshirts. I sent a picture, and they are excited as well. Again the purchase was great, but working with Melissa was fantastic. If more customer service employees in our internet based world were as "customer oriented" as Melissa, over all internet shopping experience would improve considerably. Thank you Custom Ink for setting the bar high!!!!!

Bobi C.
Mccall, ID
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
1/26/15 at 12:33 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I would like to let Mr Katz know, and all of the staff at custom ink that my experience with custom ink consistently has been the best retail experience I have...bar none. the kind of customer service on a consistent basis that I receive from customer from custom ink is unparalleled, outstanding, amazing, and brilliant , my business experience with custom ink is second to none , It really makea my day! the level of customer service that I have received from each and every person that I deal with from beginning to end of every one of my many orders is exceptional. I would like to applaud you and your staff for the fine work that you do. it is a difficult thing to run a business, we know we are small business people. and to maintain an exceptionally high customer service level on a consistent basis is really tough. but you guys do it all the time. I don't know how you do it, I don't know your business model . I wish I was a fly in the room at all your meetings because we could really take a page from your book. you're doing it right .I am impressed I I think they should be teaching custom ink principals at Wharton Business School .best of luck to you. on going success, best wishes and you will be hearing from us again. God bless take care from your fan, Mia Rincon

Mia R.
Phoenixville, PA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
12/10/14 at 12:35 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

i couldnt say anything more then the fact i am overly impressed with this company. They set the bar when it comes to all aspects of business and customer service.

Justan D.
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
12/7/14 at 11:36 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

For web based business, the personal follow ups via email we're a welcome surprise and really helped to assure me that the order was moving along. I appreciated the effort of whomever contacted me to advise that we could print on the other side of the jerseys, and it also clued me in that the staff is attentive to detail. The jerseys are affordable, and the customer service is bar none. I'll definitely be back for any future uniform purchases.

Isaiah C.
Spokane Valley, WA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
11/27/14 at 12:34 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I was so pumped when I received the package on my doorstep! They were fundraiser prizes at the bar and they were a hit! I appreciate the speed of the delivery and how the service was to make the order just as I expected..I'll definitely be coming back!

Mitch M.
Hazen, ND
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
11/15/14 at 2:17 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

From the start it was very easy to design the perfect Tshirt. In fact, my wife who doesn't do well with anything on the web was able to design the shirt. Though she didn't get it right, custom ink emailed me right away and made sure it was right. That brings me to my biggest point. The customer service and support is top notch. Bar none it was one of the best experiences with a company I've ever had. Very polite, matter of fact and squared things away, right away!! Thank you for everything we will definitely recommend this company and will be back for anymore custom needs!

John J.
Kalkaska, MI
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
11/8/14 at 12:48 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

You guys just continue to set the high bar for customer service, quality and delivery. You're not always the cheapest, but CustomInk has nailed it every time with my dozen-or-so orders over the years. Will I order from CustomInk again? Where's the "hell yeah!" button?

Joseph A. - Treasurer
New York Harriers,
New York, NY
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/30/14 at 12:10 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I have now used CustomInk for four of my organization's shirts, and moving forward, it will always be my first stop. The customer service I've received has been bar none... and I always feel I can use the LiveChat feature and get quick answers to my questions with friendly, thorough, accommodating responses. I'd recommend CustomInk to anyone!

Karin K.
Cowanesque Valley High School,
Westfield, PA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/25/14 at 9:24 am eastern... CustomInk.com

First time user and will be back. I am hooked customer service was out of this world. Your crew at custom ink is by far, bar none the best at what they do. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Tom P.
Runnemede, NJ
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/21/14 at 7:53 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Your customer service is bar none! All of you should be training Comcast or Macy's on how to best do it. Available, responsive, creative, helpful, professional, personable..Truly outstanding! Turned my simple idea into a virtual masterpiece in no time at all.

Sandy L.
Potomac, MD
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/20/14 at 7:47 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

This is our 2nd Bat Mitzvah that we ordered shirts through CustomInk and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! The service when I called on the phone was great and they went through minor changes with me and sent the new improved designs right back to my computer. We did have one problem though, our guests loved the shirts so much that some of them disappeared (I think some adults thought the shirts were for them)!! The extras that I bought for my own family were taken along with some of the other kids' shirts. My daughter had to use one of the shirts that was left behind because she HAD to wear her new shirt to school today! I just hung up with Jordan at your company and reordered 10 more shirts to replace the missing ones, and Jordan was so easy to deal with!! The quality of the shirts is excellent and I would recommend CustomInk to all of my friends! Thank you!

Jodi Z.
Newtown, PA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/15/14 at 11:44 am eastern... CustomInk.com

I have never had a problem with your products before, which makes this surprising and unfortunate. I have enjoyed working with CustomInk, but if this is the new quality bar I may have to go elsewhere for our t-shirts in the future. So for now, I guess I will have to say that I will not order from CustomInk again, unless something changes.

Nick H. - Manager
Junction Road Pictures,
Cary, NC
Overall Experience Bad 1
Order Again? No
10/13/14 at 12:04 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

The customer service was the best bar none! Loved using the services and timeliness!

Derek S.
Portland, OR
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes