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5/7/15 at 9:50 am eastern... CustomInk.com

I have used Custom Ink before and I love the selection, customization process, and final result. The price was a little high ($50) but thats what I get for waiting til the last moment and needing overnight shipping. I have also used your competitor (V***P***). Both are good but I think your company provides more options when designing the shirt. I ordered the wrong size and used your online chat immediately to ask if they could change the size and they did. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! The shirt fit perfectly. The size charts were spot on.

Richard K.
Pleasant Plains, IL
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
5/7/15 at 3:21 am eastern... CustomInk.com

We had great customer service throughout our entire order and allowing 43 different individuals to pay for their own shirts was such a great way to do the group order! We did receive one error...we ordered a large in the men's Gildan ultra cotton crew neck shirt but instead received an additional large in the Ladies fruit of the loom v-neck shirt.

Cathy S.
34th District PTA,
Sacramento, CA
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
5/5/15 at 11:59 am eastern... CustomInk.com


Julie C.
Jersey City, NJ
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
5/5/15 at 11:49 am eastern... CustomInk.com


Julie C.
Jersey City, NJ
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
4/30/15 at 7:57 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Wonderful company will Definately v order threw you guys again

Abbie H.
Northfield, MN
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
4/29/15 at 8:32 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Customer service online and especially on the phone were super! My design looked great, color and detail of the printing were spot on, it was slightly offset, so just be weary and perhaps seek online help. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that I ordered v-necks, I would not have noticed. Packaging and tags were a nice touch and of good quality. Most of my clients were very happy and excited. I am pleased overall and am likely to order from this company again.

Stephanie A. - VP/ pro dancer
castellano dancesport,
Clearwater, FL
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
4/18/15 at 11:51 am eastern... CustomInk.com

The shirt was much more of a v-neck thank what was a described. Unfortunately, it's only suitable for females. Additionally, the logo was printed super low - much lower thank what was on the digital proof we approved. Profoundly disappointed and stuck with shirts that are not really usable.

Raul M.
Hallandale Beach, FL
Overall Experience Bad 1
Order Again? No
4/13/15 at 12:27 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

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Great experience! Can't wait to hand out the shirts. I really appreciated the suggestion from the design department.

Beverly Fitzpatrick S. - Coordinator of Religious Education
Queen of All Saints Parish,
Gunnison, CO
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
4/7/15 at 11:54 am eastern... CustomInk.com

CustomInk makes it very easy to order quality t-shirts. The process as a whole was simple, from choosing a product to uploading our logo, and we have always been satisfied with the end result. If ever there is an issue, CustomInk has bent over backwards to make it right, even if it meant overnight printing and shipping at their expense to enable us to have the product on the date we needed it. I have been and will continue to be a loyal customer of CustomInk. Marie V., Emporia, KS

Marie V. - Exec VP / CFO
Kansas Security,
Lebo, KS
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
3/22/15 at 12:57 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Website was easy to navigate and it was beneficial to be able to play around with the ink color combinations and the font choices.. The price is very reasonable. I did not see an option for selecting a different color t-shirt though. I only found white t-shirts on the website. I would like to see different neck shapes on t-shirts, like v-neck or boat neck or scoop neck (for women). I will definitely use CustomInk again to make a personal t-shirt design.

Danita S.
Grass Valley, CA
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
3/19/15 at 2:45 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

My overall experience has been very positive. I only wish I would've ordered a colored, instead of white, shirt; and I wish it was a V-neck.

Sierra G.
Parkersburg, WV
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
3/14/15 at 4:53 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

The preview on your builder showed the image as darker, adn I could actually see the gear and V. But when I got the shirt, there is no gear or V, it doesnt show up at all. Other than that it looks good, But that is a huge part of the logo on the front. Im sure my other 2 shirts that I ordered at the same time will look that way as well. But I wont have them until monday.

Gary D. - Owner
Apex Mobile Oil Change,
Cape Coral, FL
Overall Experience Okay 2
Order Again? No
3/6/15 at 11:16 am eastern... CustomInk.com

We love the Champion 50/50 crew necks- the overall quality is exceptional. Everything was completed how we wanted and our package was delivered even quicker than we thought! Our group loves their new crew necks.

Tara T. - Social Chair
Worthington, OH
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
2/19/15 at 4:06 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

CustomInk is great! They were super helpful and had the proofs done of my product with in the hour that I submitted my order. The shirts also came a whole week early. I'm the coach of a synchronized ice skating team that qualified for nationals. CostumeInk sent a very nice email wishing us goodluck at our competition. All the girls on my team were thrilled with their new crew necks and agreed that these our the best team shirts we've ever had. Thanks CostumeInk!

Lauren W. - Coach
Silver Stars Synchro Skating Team,
Concord, CA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
1/27/15 at 4:30 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Great concept, love how you allow buyer to name their design and you email a copy to the buyer as well as when the product ships. Hoped for the wording on the back of the ladies white v neck to be mid back or slightly above mid back to be below a girls hair and be seen(I may consider the bottom of the back on the ladies shirts to make sure it can be seen below a ladies hair.

Richard M. - Owner
Sole Preserver,
Garland, TX
Overall Experience Good 3
Order Again? Yes