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6/18/16 at 9:53 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Great experience!!! Alex was extremely helpful and offered me some different ideas for designing my shirt for my husband......he loves different shirts......especially ones that mention "beer" as this one did. The T shirt did arrive, and I am thrilled with it.....however my husband has yet to see it.....as it will be a Father's day day gift for him! He will love it!

Carol G.
San Jose, CA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/17/16 at 11:00 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

The product turned out perfectly! It was exactly what I wanted! The color and quality of the tshirt are great and the printing came out exactly the way I ordered it. The customer service was also exceptional! They were super helpful and very friendly! They even helped to make sure my order got delivered right on time since it was a Father's Day gift!

Mary G.
Chester, VA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/16/16 at 6:20 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

As usual, Custom Ink came through with flying colors! Last minute gift decision arrived before promised and better than expected! Thanks until next time...

Steph C.
Ashland, VA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/16/16 at 2:43 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I ordered a custom onesie for a co-workers baby shower gift. The entire process from ordering thru delivery really exceeded my expectations. From the overall quality of the garment, to the attentiveness of the customer service staff, right thru to final on-time delivery and survey follow-up, I can't say enough good things about the experience and the end result! It was just fabulous! I highly recommend this site for future gift or corporate swag needs!

Suzanne P.
Bridgewater, MA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/16/16 at 11:09 am eastern... CustomInk.com

The tee-shirt I designed is a Father's Day gift for my 77-year-old dad - a staunch Republican and avid New England Patriots/Tom Brady fan. A few weeks ago, dad mentioned that he'd like to have buttons made up to sell that say "Free Brady / Jail Hillary." Well I thought this was amusing, I didn't think they would sell too well here in Massachusetts - a liberal state with a rich democratic history - even with the Tom Brady reference. But I decided to do something – create a tee-shirt with dad's slogan on it and give it to him as a gift for Father's Day. About a week after I designed and ordered the shirt on your website, I realized that I spelled Hillary's name wrong - one L instead of two - and dreaded the day the T-shirt would arrive because I knew that dad would pick up on it. But I was worrying for nothing. The tee-shirt arrived today, and I was pleasantly surprised with how it came out. My joy turned into excitement when I discovered that your company corrected my spelling mistake and put two L'a in Hillary's name, making a great gift even greater! I cannot think your company enough for not only turning this product around and shipping it on time as promised, but also for correcting my spelling mistake and turning this into probably one of the greatest gifts I'll ever give my father. Thank you so much! I will continue telling everyone I know how great your company is and how amazing your customer service department is.

Brian G.
Shrewsbury, MA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/14/16 at 11:21 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

We ordered a shirt. It was great! By we, iI mean my son went on your website and designed a shirt as gift. By himself. Easy enough, and I paid for it. We were both very happy with every aspect of this transaction. Thanks custom ink! (Seriously)

Michelle G.
Neenah, WI
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/14/16 at 10:11 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Website: There really needs to be a way to display sleeve printing...other than that the website is good. Screen printing: The location of the sleeve print is not in the correct position closer to the back of the arm. Also, there was a problem properly rendering the artwork i submitted which was a Vector file. The first proof...the grey was significantly darker than the original Art work. The second was a little lighter. Overall, the Artwork i submitted was not properly printed. These shirts were a gift for new members of our organization which happened the next day after delivery. The like the shirts but for me. I see the mistakes since i created the artwork.

Byron H.
Lanham, MD
Overall Experience Okay 2
Order Again? Yes
6/14/16 at 2:22 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I love the shirt!! I opened the package and was so happy how it turned out. Thank You for helping me have a great Father's Day gift for my Dad!

Jessica J.
Newnan, GA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/13/16 at 3:13 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

The shirt fits a little different than the online measurements, but good quality tee still. However, the color of my photo I uploaded isn't the same as what was printed, and the quality of the photo is lower than I had hoped. It was a gift for my husband, he likes it but I feel it could've been better.

Ariel G.
Woodbury, MN
Overall Experience Good 3
Order Again? Yes
6/13/16 at 8:26 am eastern... CustomInk.com

The shirt is awesome and you got the poem perfect, it will be a great father's day gift

Katherine B.
Amsterdam, NY
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
6/12/16 at 1:23 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

My husband is now styling in his new "Pool Boy, MD" shirt! He pulled it from the package and immediately put it on. Lots of thank yous and "I can't believe this!" Designing the shirt was easy and fun. The website as whole is very user friendly. Thanks, for the unique gift that will be pleasing everyone who sees my husband in the shirt!

Melissa M.
Whitesboro, NY
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/11/16 at 10:35 am eastern... CustomInk.com

CustomInk's website is very user friendly and the design options are amazing! I was able to create the perfect Father's Day gift for my husband and he loves it!

Lauren B.
Moscow Mills, MO
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/11/16 at 9:38 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Was a gift.

Janet V.
Pittsburgh, PA
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
6/11/16 at 4:16 am eastern... CustomInk.com

It was a very easy process to design my own shirt. Delivery was quick. A little high priced for a tank but it was a special gift.

Karen B.
Bloomington, IN
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
6/10/16 at 6:34 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

It was a gift and they loved it. It was a huge success! Will definitely be orderin more in the future ❤

Kathy M.
Virginia Beach, VA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes