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2/6/16 at 2:42 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Wow awesome customer care! I live in an area that has poor or zero customer service and had bad experiences over the phone with verizon fios. You guys are a breath of fresh air! Everyone was friendly, polite, and efficient. I spoke with multiple customer rep over the phone and via email (i called different times due to my random/busy schedule) and information transfer was seamless. Everyone was thorough and attentive, but not pushy. Loved it!

Christina S.
Elkridge, MD
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
1/8/16 at 2:45 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Regardless of the type shirt please don't strong arm people into buying more shirt for a specific color. I would suggest instead of saying this shirt is only available by purchasing 6. I would rather you say a 1 shirt fee or something like that. A lot of people just want one shirt and this caveat to make you buy more when you don't want to purchase bulk will turn them away. I almost did, here's the thing about money and purchasing if its something people want they will go the distance to do whatever it takes with little or no problem towards the purchase but when it seems like a person is force to get something they want they will easily turn away. When purchasing is an easy experience people come back. Perhaps there is some internal reason company problem on why you can give a person a one shirt offer for the color they desire instead of settling for something they do not want because it only comes in 1 to purchase and a color nobody wants. It's really sucks because I couldn't get the shirt I wanted to get but had to settle for a lesser material because you have to buy 6 instead of 1. It's like you guys had a meeting and the boss said no one is buying these shirts and some smart ass said let's farm them out to the people who only want one shirt. I'm sure you get the point by now nevertheless, thank you for your product but I am on the fence about the selection process for those who only want one shirt without getting the cheaper quality shirt. If people want one shirt let them purchase the one shirt they want.

Leo B. - None
Personal T-Shirt,
Oceanside, CA
Overall Experience Good 3
Order Again? No
12/24/15 at 3:01 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

My family and I are huge fans of Star Wars. We bought tickets to watch the movie together on opening night. There were 26 of us in total and we decided to mark the occasion with a custom t-shirt. On a friend's recommendation, I came to your site and was pleasantly surprised to find a good base design and the proper font. With input from a few design-savvy family members, we put the t-shirt together. The aid provided by your stellar customer service & design staff brought exactly the right polish to the final product. I have to make one call-out that really set the tone for everything else in my experience with CustomInk. In my first chat (with Amanda G.), I asked if there was a red light saber available. The one in your design tool is green with a black stripe through the middle (and we weren't interested in the yellow one). I'd told Amanda that I wanted to contain costs, and wasn't looking to pay extra by adding a 4th color. During the chat, she noticed we were ordering black shirts. She offered up that the black stripe wouldn't be printed on a black shirt, and therefore we could ask for one of the light sabers to print in red without changing the base cost. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that made me! The final design in red, green and white not only appealed to my family's Star Wars-geek sensibilities, it also fits right in with the Christmas season. The entire family is thrilled with the shirts. I've already recommended you to people who asked about them, and will continue to do so. Thank you, CustomInk! May the Force be With You!

Rema M.
San Jose, CA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
12/15/15 at 9:42 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I was thoroughly pleased with CustomInk and as stated in my product review, I loved the shirt and can't wait to see my husband's face when he opens his gift. I know it will bring back fond memories of his firefighting days in the Air Force which he will be able to think about every time he puts his new shirt on. I was also impressed with your customer service representatives that assisted in coming up with a design for my shirt. Despite not going with their design and sticking to the original image, she was a great help and it was nice to know they were there if needed.

Megan R.
Port Richey, FL
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
12/13/15 at 1:45 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Love the layout of the website. Super easy to design a product and makes you feel like a pro. 100% satisfaction. My dad is going to love the salute to his time in the Air Force.

Dona G.
Albuquerque, NM
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
12/10/15 at 3:38 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Although I am really happy with my custom finished product (and it's the perfect gift), what really stuck out to me was the excellent customer service I received. I received both friendliness and attentiveness from Zachary Itanen via online chat and Julie Z. via phone to finish my design (they made sure it was just right) and get my order in. It came out perfect and I really enjoyed having such a positive experience. I didn't have to wait around listening to awful hold music or press a million buttons on an automated menu to have contact with a real human being either. It was such a breath of fresh air. Thank you, customink!

Tessa B.
Shepherdstown, WV
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
11/14/15 at 8:45 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Great service, met deadline to receive shirts. However screen print wa shed off after 1, 45 min.cold wash & air dry.

Patricia K. - Owner
Phoenix, AZ
Overall Experience Okay 2
Order Again? No
10/31/15 at 2:23 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Good Afternoon, I'm Cpl Ruiz with the Marine Security Force, White House Communications Agency, White House Military Office. The Shirts were amazing and exceeded everyone's expectations. The last shirt order we ever placed a year or two ago was from a different company who's product was not as sharper or crisper in detail. Everyone with Security Force here loved the products you guys made and actually I'm about to work on another group order to create another large quantity request. I know when my time is done here and I leave the agency that they will still be coming to you guys with orders for shirts for probably years to come. So on behalf of all the Marines in my unit I want to say thank you. From your t shirt ambassadors helping me along the way to when it was being made you guys have been there. Thanks!

Frankie R.
Naval Anacost Annex, DC
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/20/15 at 4:40 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I understand that the more you order, the cheaper it would be, but even so, I found the prices to air on the more expensive side. $23 for a crew neck isn't so bad, but when you multiply that by 12, it left me with about $40 coming out of pocket because my team only wanted to cover $20 per crew neck.

Lyz V. - Resident Assistant
CUW Katharine Res Hall,
Mequon, WI
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
10/8/15 at 2:47 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

After having so much trouble with the shirts, it was a breath of fresh air to use CustomInk. You will definitely get our business again!

Melanie B. - Faculty Advisor
SHRM@Nicholls State University,
Houma, LA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/8/15 at 11:28 am eastern... CustomInk.com

This is my second experience with CustomInk. The first was 10+ years ago. Your customer service and design teams are unmatched. They are easy to communicate with and very responsive, helpful and creative. To top it all off, they are here in the USA! Kudos to you, CustomInk, for supporting our Nation's economy and work force!!

Lisa H.
Corolla, NC
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
9/21/15 at 10:15 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Custom Ink is such a amazing company, called because my shipment was showing errors with where it was being sent called custom ink was upset about it and they delivered my tshirt NEXT DAY AIR. Amazing company GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NICE GREAT PEOPLE. God bless you guys!

Corbin E.
Montgomery, IL
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
9/14/15 at 5:45 am eastern... CustomInk.com

I was not pleased with the shirt after washing, per the instructions given on the label. The shirt was air-dried. It was extremely wrinkled and evident it was not a good idea to iron the shirt due to the digital image. No, I'm not happy at all with the quality of the digital print. It looks as if it will peel off and not last.

Patty D.
Lexington, KY
Overall Experience Bad 1
Order Again? No
9/14/15 at 5:29 am eastern... CustomInk.com

I was not pleased with the shirt after washing, per the instructions given on the label. The shirt seemed to shrink, even though it was washed in cold water and turned inside-out. I briefly air-dried the shirt in the dryer with no heat then hanged the shirt on a hanger. It was extremely wrinkled and evident it was not a good idea to iron the shirt. But who wants to iron a "T-Shirt" anyway? After the shirt was dry, I noticed part of the image color faded in one area and the color of the shirt could be seen through the design. No, I'm not happy at all with the quality of the digital print. It looks as if it will peel off and not last.

Patty D.
Lexington, KY
Overall Experience Bad 1
Order Again? No
9/11/15 at 2:41 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

To my knowledge, everything was easy enough for my 9 yr old grandson to design and create. He only needed my help on picking the T-shirt and payment :) This was a very personal gift to his father, who serves our Air Force and lives 1200 miles away! Your product put very big smiles on a FaceTime call!!

M Ary D.
Ruskin, FL
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes