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I'm organizing the order for our group. Just enter the quantity and sizes you want before the closing date for the sign-up sheet. Send me an email if you have any questions. avivenza@gmail.com
Araselle Vivenza (avivenza@gmail.com)

What We're Ordering

  • Product: Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
  • Sizes: YXS-4XL
  • Price: It looks like shirts will be about $10? It depends on how many we order, but plan for around that amount.

Sign-up Status

Have Already Signed Up
Sign-up is Closed
Please contact Araselle Vivenza if you have questions.

Who's Ordering

Nov 10, 2012 Kelly signed up for 1 item
  "I'd like 07 (if there needs to be two numbers. Preferably just 7) as the number and Stinton as the name please :) (I feel kind of awkward ordering one as I'm purely a lurker in the fandom but I just love it so much XD ) "
Nov 9, 2012 Seth Kukai signed up for 1 item
  ""Seth" for the name and "12" for the number."
Nov 1, 2012 Mira Frenzel signed up for 1 item
  "I honestly don't know how the number thing is working, but if the number i is available, might I have that? (or 06 if it isn't or if you don't believe that i is a number or it can't be put or something like that) I wouldn't know what name, though, since I'd feel a bit odd with my Tumblr URL of deastrumquodvicis on a shirt and I dunno about first or last names, so I guess whichever works best for you or something. Also I love the design XD"
Oct 29, 2012 RJaye Henley signed up for 1 item
  "If there's a name and number, then I would like: Chaucer, 14"
Sep 25, 2012 Natalie signed up for 1 item
Sep 25, 2012 Kami signed up for 1 item
  "Kami! number 13? :D"
Sep 25, 2012 Alix signed up for 1 item
  "63 for my number please! And my name is fine. <3"
Sep 24, 2012 Alex P. signed up for 1 item
  "Aley and 07!"
Sep 22, 2012 Elizabeth L. signed up for 1 item
  "Will Ravengoodwoman fit? #26, please! "
Sep 21, 2012 Anmol Gulati signed up for 1 item
  "Lethe, #69"
Sep 21, 2012 Regina Castro signed up for 1 item
  "Andi and 77 please."
Sep 21, 2012 Jaclyn Chase signed up for 1 item
  "Name would be: KitChase Number: 05"
Sep 21, 2012 Ashley Wright signed up for 1 item
  "How do we pick our numbers? I'm 16!"
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