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Just enter the quantity and sizes you want before the closing date and
Mario Gallardo (mario@walnutgallery.org)

What We're Ordering

  • Product: Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
  • Sizes: S-4XL
  • Price: $25

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Please contact Mario Gallardo if you have questions.

Who's Ordering

Oct 10, 2012 Lisa Gallardo signed up for 1 item
Contact your group organizer:
Mario Gallardo
How Do I Pay?
Payment for the shirts should be made at www.walnutgallery.org. Click on the donate button located at the bottom of the page and enter $25 as the amount. Add a note that it is for a t-shirt. For purchases outside of Gadsden please add $5 for shipping.
How Will I Get My Items?
Gadsden area residents will pick up their shirts at the Walnut Gallery, open Fridays 3-5pm. Residents outside of the Gadsden area should provide a shipping address and add $5. Thank you.