HASC Shirt Group Sign-up Sheet


I'm organizing the order for our group. Just enter the quantity and sizes you want before the closing date for the sign-up sheet. Send me an email if you have any questions.
Mike Zentz (mike@mikezentz.com)

What We're Ordering

  • Product: Jerzees 50/50 Long Sleeve T-shirt
  • Sizes: YS-3XL
  • Price: $25

Sign-up Status

Have Already Signed Up
Sign-up is Closed
Please contact Mike Zentz if you have questions.

Who's Ordering

Dec 4, 2012 andy kress signed up for 1 item
  "Can it be short sleeve not long sleeve for me? I would also prefer a white T with the logo if possible? Thanks - Andy "
Nov 27, 2012 Taylor Williams signed up for 1 item
Nov 23, 2012 Tyrell Eldred signed up for 1 item
Nov 20, 2012 Suzy Zentz signed up for 1 item
Nov 20, 2012 Mike Zentz signed up for 1 item
Contact your group organizer:
Mike Zentz
How Do I Pay?
Please bring cash to a meetup.
How Will I Get My Items?
The shirts will be distributed throughout the month of January at our meetups.