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Support the Cynthia Breen Advocacy Foundation's campaign against mental health stigmas: drop your drawers and order a custom designed pair of boxers or panties: they're comfy, stylish and (most importantly) tax-deductible... is there any better way to support a worthy charitable cause? Order here by using the comment area to choose the styles, sizes & quantity you want. Be sure to include your email address, too. Once you send your inquiry, we'll email your confirmation details with a link to choose a payment method and provide your delivery information. Thank you for joining the fight in support of those affected by mental illnesses!
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  • Product: Bella Juniors Shorties
  • Sizes: S-L

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Mar 8, 2013 Cindy Breen signed up for 1 item
Mar 7, 2013 Allison McKenzie signed up for 1 item
  "I'll wear these to stop mental health discrimination! ;-)"
Mar 2, 2013 Donna Hunter signed up for 1 item
  "Sign me up! These are *really* cute... are there other items I can wear for people other than my boyfriend will see :-) to buy? I'd like to get a t-shirt with the same slogan to show I support stopping stigmas against mental illnesses. "
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