Dark Dream Entertainment Group Sign-up Sheet


Represent your crew today! Prices are high but if we can get enough members to order a shirt (not just say they want one) we could lower the price drastically. Please only mark that you want one if you are serious about paying for one. I will update about the progress of the shirts on social club throughout the month.
Dakota Barrett (dakotabarrett8@gmail.com)

What We're Ordering

  • Product: Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
  • Sizes: YXS-4XL
  • Price: Starting at $25 will lower in price if enough people order them. Spread the word!

Sign-up Status

Have Already Signed Up
Sign-up is Closed
Please contact Dakota Barrett if you have questions.

Who's Ordering

Nov 6, 2013 Dakota signed up for 1 item
  "I'll buy one if they get below the $20 mark and we have a couple dozen orders."
Nov 6, 2013 Vincent signed up for 1 item
  "nice, i'd buy one. (vince91)"
Contact your group organizer:
Dakota Barrett
How Do I Pay?
Orders will be received via Paypal. Further information about orders will be added.
How Will I Get My Items?
Crew leader Dakota will be sending them to your address upon you paying for the shirt and shipping.