CFRS Group Sign-up Sheet


On a lark, put together CFRS baby onesies. $5 above cost goes to the RS RGM Watches CX team. Once the order closes and I know the final cost, I'll tack $5 on top of that and send everyone an email with what they owe. These should fall between $20-$25 each with the $5 for the RS RGM Watches CX team built into that number.
Ben Kiel (

What We're Ordering

  • Product: Bella Infant One-piece
  • Sizes: 3/6M-18/24M
  • Price: $20-$25 depending on how many ordered. $5 in there for the team.

Sign-up Status

Have Already Signed Up
Sign-up is Closed
Please contact Ben Kiel if you have questions.

Who's Ordering

Sep 8, 2011 Josh Frank signed up for 1 item
  "so so atmo"
Sep 5, 2011 Jimbo Smart signed up for 2 items
Sep 4, 2011 David Deitch signed up for 1 item
Sep 3, 2011 Matt Kraus signed up for 1 item
Sep 2, 2011 Justin Bagnati signed up for 1 item
Aug 31, 2011 Ben Kiel signed up for 3 items
Contact your group organizer:
Ben Kiel
How Do I Pay?
After the order closes, I'll email you to collect payment. Paypal is likely the best way, but I'll take checks too.
How Will I Get My Items?
I'll send to whatever address you want. They'll ship out about two weeks after the close date.