Team Uniforms & Apparel for Every Sports Team

Fall Sports

  • Cheerleading Outfits

    Design your own cheerleading uniforms, cheer sweatshirts and spirit wear in our easy-to-use design lab. Youth, varsity, and high school cheerleading outfits at wholesale prices.

  • Field Hockey Sweatshirts

    Make custom field hockey sweatshirts for your team, club, or special event. CustomInk features Free Shipping, Live Help, and tons of design ideas.

  • Football Jerseys

    Create your own football jerseys and uniforms online at CustomInk. CustomInk offers custom practice gear and football sweatshirts for pee-wee, intramural, recreational, high school, college, and more. Check out a list of football team names to get ideas for your team before you order. And order custom rally towels to give out at games and so fans can show their spirit!

  • Homecoming Shirts

    Order personalized homecoming shirts and apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more! Great homecoming design ideas and artwork available!

  • Powder Puff Jerseys

    Make your own awesome powderpuff football t-shirts, jerseys, and uniforms for your powder puff team. And be sure to take a look at our funny powderpuff t-shirt slogans for even more inspiration!

  • Rugby Shirts

    Order custom rugby t-shirts, shorts, and rugby sweatshirts online for your team. Easy design tools and free high quality artwork are available for teams of all ages. You can even pick from a list of cool rugby team names if you're struggling to come up with one.

  • Soccer Jerseys

    Custom jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, warm-ups, bags, and soccer sweatshirts for your team. Perfect for youth leagues, high school players, and recreational soccer teams. Check out our list of soccer team names to get ideas for your own squad.

  • Water Polo T-Shirts

    Make custom t-shirts, jackets, and sweats to outfit water polo team or for your next tournament or event.

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

  • Baseball Caps

    Customize your team's baseball uniforms, jerseys, caps, sweatshirts and more. Perfect for your little league, intramural team, or recreational league.

  • Baseball Jerseys

    Customize your team's baseball uniforms, jerseys, hats, sweatshirts and more. Perfect for your little league, intramural team, or recreational league.

  • Lacrosse Jerseys

    Create custom lacrosse jerseys, team shirts, and pinnies, and lacrosse sweatshirts in our fun online design lab. Perfect for youth, field, college, and practice jerseys.

  • Softball Jerseys

    Make your own custom softball t-shirts, uniforms, softball tank tops and softball sweatshirts in our easy-to-use design lab. Great for girls' little leagues, fastpitch, championship, and high school teams.

  • Tennis Team Apparel

    Create your tennis team apparel and uniforms online in a matter of minutes. Quality custom t-shirts, polos and tennis sweatshirts for tennis camps, women's tennis, youth, high school, and college teams.

  • Track & Field T-Shirts

    Design custom track shirts, track jackets, and cross country sweatshirts for the entire boys or girls team.

Summer Sports

  • Cycling Shirts

    Custom t-shirts and jerseys for cyclists. CustomInk has a large selection of shirts and wicking gear to personalize for bike training or races.

  • Fishing T-Shirts

    Personalize t-shirts, sweats and koozies for your next fishing trip or team tournament. Easy design tools and free clipart for fishermen.

  • Golf Tournaments

    Create customized golf polos, t-shirts, golf towels, umbrellas, and more for your upcoming golf tournament or outing.

  • Running Shirts

    Customize comfortable t-shirts, running tanks and shorts for races and runners of all ages.

  • Sailing T-Shirts

    Outfit your whole boating crew with personalized tees, polos, jackets and more.

  • Ultimate Frisbee T-Shirts

    Personalize t-shirts for your ultimate team or frisbee golf game. Design jerseys or flying discs for the game using our free clipart and design lab.

League & Club Sports

  • Archery T-Shirts

    Create personalized archery tees, long sleeves, athletics, sweatshirts, and more to make your team’s archers look great.

  • Auto Racing Shirts

    Customize auto racing and motor-cross t-shirts and jackets. Perfect for drivers and fans.

  • Billiards T-Shirts
  • Create your own billiards t-shirt for your league, tournament or sports bar.

  • Bocce T-Shirts

    Be the best dressed bocce team on the lawn. Design custom bocce t-shirts, jerseys and more for your club team or tournament. And be sure to check out our list of funny bocce team names for inspiration.

  • Bodybuilding T-Shirts

    Make personalized bodybuilding t-shirts for your body building team, upcoming competitions, and fans. CustomInk offers a variety of wicking t-shirts and custom tank tops for you and your fellow bodybuilders.

  • Bowling Shirts

    Personalize your own custom bowling shirts and uniforms at CustomInk. Retro, vintage, embroidered, and unique bowling team shirts at affordable prices. Looking for name ideas? Check out our list of bowling team names.

  • Cornhole T-Shirts

    Create your own custom cornhole team jerseys, tournament shirts, koozies, and more at CustomInk. And check out our list of cornhole team names for inspiration!

  • Crew Team T-Shirts

    Customize your own rowing team shirts, rowing tank tops, rowing sweatshirts and gear. Perfect for your upcoming regatta or dragon boat race.

  • Cricket Jerseys

    Customize cricket t-shirts and jerseys for your team or event. Shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

  • Crossfit T-Shirts

    Customize cross fit t-shirts, performance apparel, and workout tank tops. Perfect for outfitting your staff and fellow crossfitters. Live Help and Free Shipping available 7 days a week.

  • Darts T-Shirts

    Design custom darts shirts & jerseys for your dart team or league. And check out a list of dart team names to get ideas for your own team.

  • Dodgeball Shirts

    Design dodgeball t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts online at CustomInk. Check out a list of dodgeball team names to get ideas for your own team.

  • Equestrian T-Shirts

    Design custom t-shirts and hats for your summer horse camp or equestrian riding team.

  • Fitness T-Shirts

    Re-invent your team with custom fitness apparel online at CustomInk! We offer a wide range of top name brand apparel for you to create your own custom jerseys, fitness tank tops, t-shirts, and more for both youth and adults.

  • Gymnastics T-Shirts

    Make customized apparel for your gymnastics team or upcoming competition. Whether you need gymnastics sweatshirt, tees, warmups, or shorts, CustomInk is your goto place to design your own gear.

  • Karate T-Shirts

    Design custom karate and martial arts t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and bags online. Fun and affordable karate uniforms for kids and adults.

  • Kickball T-Shirts

    Design kickball t-shirts and jerseys with custom names and numbers online at CustomInk. Check out a list of kickball team names to get ideas for your own team.

  • League Uniforms

    Customize league uniforms easily online. Bowling, softball, basketball, soccer or tennis - we carry a huge selection of league apparel.

  • Marathon T-Shirts

    Design custom marathon shirts for your team, training group, or in support of friends & family. Free Shipping and Thousands of Design Ideas available.

  • Martial Arts T-Shirts

    Make custom martial arts t-shirts, bags, and water bottles for your dojo. Perfect for teachers & students of all the martial arts.

  • MMA Shirts

    Create custom mixed martial arts t-shirts online. Perfect for both fighters and fans.

  • Paintball Jerseys

    Create paintball jerseys and t-shirts online for your team. Fun design lab, dozens of free military clipart and 7 days a week customer service available.

  • Quidditch T-Shirts

    Be the best dressed quidditch team on the pitch with personalized tee shirts, athletics, and sweatshirts created for your club or recreational team.

  • Roller Derby T-Shirts

    Create roller derby t shirts & uniforms for your team. Perfect for derby participants and fans.

  • Sports Apparel

    Re-invent your team with custom sports apparel online at CustomInk! We offer a wide range of top name brand apparel for you to create your own custom jerseys, sports tanks, t-shirts, and more for both youth and adults.

  • Team Sponsorship Tips

    Sponsor a sports team to support your community and market your business. CustomInk features an online design lab and helpful team sponsorship tools and tips.

  • Triathlon T-Shirts

    Design custom triathlon shirts in support of friends & family, for your own triathlon team, or to train in. Free Shipping and thousands of design ideas available.

  • Yoga T-Shirts

    Make your own yoga apparel for your yoga studio, group, or upcoming event. From yoga tank tops, to yoga pants to performance wear, we're sure to make you feel at ohm.