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Team Member Reviews

We believe that creating a positive, energetic and hard-working environment where team members feel valued is important. Growth, work/life balance, and character, aren't simply buzz words for just another awards application - they are a true way of life at CustomInk. Not convinced? Direct from the keyboards of our team members, here's just a sample of recent uncensored feedback about what it's like to be an Inker.

  • Smoe
    Working at CustomInk is incredible and the best job I have ever had! I enjoy coming into the office every day and my friends are actually jealous of me! The atmosphere at CustomInk is very laid-back and the people are all happy and hardworking individuals. It is very nice to be able to go to work in jeans (or pajamas on "Pajama Day") and work with artwork all day. I hardly ever feel like I am doing "work", but rather getting paid to do something I really enjoy and love to learn more about. CustomInk recognizes and awards those who go above and beyond their expectations. Unlike my previous jobs, I am constantly rewarded for how hard I work!

    Sarah M. | Expert Production Art Inker since Aug. 08

  • Jhal
    At CustomInk, I'm constantly learning, my work makes a difference, and the supportive environment has helped me launch a career that I really enjoy. As for our company character, we're famous for our customer service, but I think part of the reason we have such happy customers is that we have such happy team members. We're an honest company that sells quality products, and it feels great to be a part of it.

    John H. | eCommerce Technology Inker since Jul. 08

  • Mkra
    I've been with CustomInk for just about two years, first as a Sales/Service Rep and currently as a Satisfaction Associate, and I have to say that this is the best job I've ever had! There's a great sense of fun here, with miniature golf outings, team sports, and themed dress up days. The environment is casual, but still manages to be very professional, with tons of opportunities for further career development. The office itself is gorgeous, with natural light, a lovely courtyard for having lunch or just chilling out, and employee art on the walls. Our leadership team is amazing and approachable, and I honestly feel that they have the best interests of the Inker staff as well as our customers at heart. I love coming to work every day!

    Michelle K. | Satisfaction Associate Inker since Mar. 09

  • Shov
    One of the first things I noticed was that you don't feel there is a hierarchy that you feel at some companies and I think that is what makes everyone want to work as a team. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and anyone in the company is willing to help answer them. I think the way we treat each other internally translates into how we treat our customers.

    Shobana V. | Marketing Inker since Oct. 09

  • Kblu
    Although CustomInk is a place of work and everyone works very hard to get the job done CustomInk makes sure to keep its team members comfortable and happy. I have never worked anywhere that puts forth just as much effort to please its team members as it does to please its customers. Our team building events are great and there are plenty of them to chose from. Another great thing about CustomInk is the openness the company has with the staff about future directions and goals of the company. It's pretty cool that we can leave feedback that in turn can lead to an improved work environment, customer experience, and overall success of the company.

    Keshaun B. | Satisfaction Associate Inker since Aug. 08

  • Kbru
    CustomInk is a fantastic place to work because it mixes in equal parts challenging work, supportive team members, and a thriving work environment. It's like every day is a family reunion with my favorite relatives. I can't imagine doing anything else in my life at this particular moment!

    Keith B. | Sales/Service Inker since Feb. 10

  • Avid
    Even after working at CustomInk for almost a year, I continue to be amazed with the collaborative and encouraging atmosphere that is present at all times. The primary objective of satisfying the customer is such a fresh view during a time when most companies are overly focused on the bottom line. I feel like I've finally found a company that in addition to challenging me, is also exactly aligned with my values.

    Amanda V. | Merchandise Inker since Oct. 09

  • Jand
    It feels good to know every day when I walk into the office, I am surrounded by people who take their jobs seriously but are also people I can chill and hang out with. It's a rare combination that was hard to find in some other places where I've worked.

    Jonah A. | Expert Production Art Inker since Jan. 07