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Hall of Fame

Check out these examples of how we helped customers realize the full potential of their t-shirt design.

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Pre02 “I own a party rental business and need some FUN shirts to hand out to clients at my events. I've attached a flyer I currently use and would really like to use some of these art elements and my logo in the design.”


Pre03 “We are a group of military wives throwing a party for our husbands this summer. They call themselves THE WARLORDS, so we'd like to be the LADY WARLORDS. Here's a pic I found that we'd like to use for OUR tank tops!”


Pre01 “Our family is planning a trip around the world this summer and are in need of some shirts that say "One World, One Trip". We also really liked these two clip art from your site and would love to incorporate them into the design.”


Pre04 “I run a fun, summer basketball league with a bunch of my friends and we need some new shirts for this summer. We love this old style shirt (attached) but would like some zombie images instead. Lots of blood and a B ball court please.”


Pre05 “My firehouse makes shirts every year and it's my turn to come up with the design. I really like this leprechaun, but was wondering if you could replace his hat with a fireman's helmet with the number 19 on it. That would be awesome!”


Pre07 “I have an idea for some shirts I'd like to sell on my website. I would like a group of delicious looking cartoon mangos, you know with a little leaf on top. Then I'd like it to say quiero un mango with a little green heart dotting the i”


Pre08 “My band is about to play some shows and we NEED some awesome shirts to sell. Here's one of our posters. We'd like to keep the colors to two or less on black shirts , with a tree and some cool inky lines coming off our logo.”


Pre09 “I'm trying to put together some shirts for our upcoming recruitment conference and really need to show the panel what our shirts will look like BEFORE I place my order. I'd like to use just a one color illustration please. Thanks!”


Pre10 “My friends and I are throwing a bachelor party for our friend Brian and would love to see if you could mix his photo with the famous Che Guevara pic for our shirts. Please show him smiling, with a little stubble and some chest hair.”


Pre11 “I work for the Los Amigos Biological Station and need shirts depicting one of the animals we monitor here. We've picked the Emperor Monkey as our mascot (photo included). We'd like him and the name of our station in a circle.”


Pre12 “I'm planning a Birthday Party in Atlantic City for my friend James. I'd need an illustration of his face, (here's a photo) and some dice rolling a 7. I'd also like it to say Gambling With Life and Coming Up Craps and AC 2008.”


Pre13 “My unit is stationed in Iraq and we have an idea for a simple shirt we'd like to have made. We'id like a Humvee like the photo attached with a mounted gun on top and the silhouette of a soldier with his foot up like Captain Morgan.”


Pre14 “I found this great image online that I'd like to use in my tshirt design for my small business. I only want one color to help keep the cost down and was having trouble picturing this image without shading. Can you help?”


Pre15 “My squad spent the weekend going through intense training and want to commemorate that with some cool tshirts. We took a picture trying to match the Band of Brothers cover and want art that matches that gritty style.”


Pre16 “I'm working in your design lab and LOVE a clip art you have there of a fighting duck. I'd like to see this duck with his neck caught up in the strings of a violin. I'd also like him to be saying Quack! in a cartooney font. Thanks!”


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