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2016 ACCO Go Gold Shirts

We are honored to share our 2016 ACCO Go Gold Shirts featuring the names of more than 5,700 children and teens who have fought, or are still fighting childhood cancer.

The thousands of names on these special shirts represent so much more. They represent too many children, teens, and families who have fought this disease with fierce strength and determination.

The American Childhood Cancer Organization vows to stand with our children, teens, and families until there is a change, until there are better treatments, and one day a cure!

Since we received more than 5,700 names, we have to divide them onto four different shirts. When ordering, please be absolutely certain you are selecting the correct shirt.

Names are in alphabetical order by last name. For siblings, cousins, or friends, names have been placed together in order to print on one shirt upon special request. Edits to the list will be accepted until September 7th and must be sent via email to

Please click below to view the complete list of names and shirt assignments. *Images do not contain actual names*

Shirt #1: Last names A - Donley

Shirt #2: Last names Donnelly - Lambert

Shirt #3: Last names LaMere - Rita

Shirt #4: Last names Riter - Zupanc

We want to thank everyone who submitted a name and thank each of you in advance for purchasing a shirt to help raise awareness during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September.

The proceeds from this purchase will go towards providing quality free resources designed for children and families who are fighting or have fought childhood cancer, to coordinating local assistance and to leading national and international advocacy campaigns for greater awareness and more research.

To learn more about ACCO and what we do, please click here to visit our website.


2016 ACCO Go Gold Shirt 1

Shirt 1: Last Names A - Donley

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2016 ACCO Go Gold Shirt 2

Shirt 2: Last Names Donnelly - Lambert

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2016 ACCO Go Gold Shirt 3

Shirt 3: Last Names LaMere - Rita

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2016 ACCO Go Gold Shirt 4

Shirt 4: Last Names Riter - Zupanc

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