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Team Missy - knocking out breast cancer!

Organized by Jennifer Kinney
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Team Missy - knocking out breast cancer! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Hanes Tagless T-shirt

Help us stand beside Missy and her family through her battle with breast cancer.

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All funds raised will be paid directly to Missy Montgomery for supporting Missy and her family through her fight with breast cancer..
$5,020 raised
232 items sold of
200 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes Tagless T-shirt, Unisex - Smoke Gray
Hanes Tagless T-shirt
Unisex - Smoke Gray
Organized by Jennifer Kinney

About this campaign

Missy, 29,was diagnosed in September 2014 with stage 3 breast cancer that spread to the lymph nodes. Shestarted an intense treatment process, andhas a long way to go before it's over. But she's determined to win! Join Team Missy and support this incredible lady.


Missy is one of the most genuinely inspiring people you will ever meet. She's so much more than a breast cancer statistic. She's a mom in the most incredible way:
Sheand her husband, Jeff,became foster parents in 2012, andadopted two boys (brothers), nowages 2 and 6. From the moment the boys entered their lives she was undoubtedly their mom. She and Jeff have worked through some terrible things with their boys, but they never hesitate. They have given everything they can to make a home -a real family. And they are, undoubtedly, a real family - a family who needstheir mom to be there as they grow, and to teach and love them in every possible way.
One of the things that makes her an incredible mom (and coworker!) is her contagious positive attitude. She's not unrealistic. She just takes everything and handles it with grace and love. In the same way that she and Jeffbegan to teachthe boysabout faith andfamily, she is gracefully determined to not let cancer win.She needs a team of people whoencourage her to keep fighting this terrible disease. We areunited beside her - and her amazing family - in the fight against this terrible disease.
Here is a great example of her spirit in an excerpt from her blog: ...My mind has been so full of thoughts and fears, worries of things that may or may not even happen. I honestly just wanted to go back to bed this morning and wake up from this nightmare...but this is reality. I have cancer. And it's going to be hard. Excruciating at times. Exhausting and downright awful. But I'm convinced there will be joy. I'm convinced there is hope. I refuse to crumble and accept the plight of a victim.


Holly and Bubba Anderson 2 items

We want to send our love and encouragement to Missy and Jeff!

Anonymous 5 items

We love jeff and missy!

Anonymous 1 item

Go Missy! You have inspired me that there is still fun, beauty, and wonder in life even when we get a tough diagnosis. I hope you know how much you inspire people around you.

Anonymous 1 item + $75
Semantic Debate 7 items

Anabeth, Rachel, Rob, Sam, and one anonymous.

Anonymous 1 item + $25
Linda Myers 2 items

To My Missy I'm glad to be on your team.

Joni Chudomelka 1 item
Jenny Davis 2 items
Tiffany Aldridge 1 item

Go Team Missy! You have an awesome JHA family here supporting you!


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