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Help Uncle Zac Brewer Get Transgender (FTM) Top Surgery

Organized by Zac Brewer
Help Uncle Zac Brewer Get Transgender (FTM) Top Surgery Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Help Uncle Zac Brewer Get Transgender (FTM) Top Surgery Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Help Uncle Zac Brewer Get Transgender (FTM) Top Surgery shirt design - zoomed
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

So close to affording all the unexpected fees - please help!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Zac Brewer, the organizer for FTM Top Surgery.
50 items sold
$2,830 raised
150 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Zac Brewer

About this campaign

Thanks to my AMAZING friends, I'm THIS CLOSE to getting top surgery in August. But it turns out there are fees (hospital, anesthesia, pathology, etc.) that I hadn't been expecting, so while my extremely generous friends had donated enough to cover my surgery fee not so long ago, I'm still a few thousand away from reaching my goal ofaving top surgery. This campaign, if fulfilled, will raise about half what I need. get a cool t-shirt in return. Please consider taking part. Every step closer to my transition goals takes me one step further out of my depression.

FYI: If you don't know what "top surgery" is & are concerned about offending me if you ask, according to "FTM Top Surgery is a gender reassignment procedure for transsexual men that creates a masculine chest. Top Surgery involves breast removal (Subcutaneous Mastectomy) and male chest contouring, and can also include free nipple grafts, or nipple/areola resizing and repositioning.

Top Surgery is the most commonly performed gender reassignment surgery for FTM transsexuals. Top Surgery allows a trans man to live more comfortably, improving psychological and social functioning, and it may be the only surgical step that he takes in his transition."

My name is Zac Brewer. I'm a NYT-bestselling author, who happens to be Transgender and Gay. I've been on hormone injections for nearly a year now, and I'm working hard toward my goal of transitioning from female to male (FTM). I suffer from depression,  anxiety, suicidal urges (all largely affected by my dysphoria) and OCD. My therapist and endocronologist agree that my next step is having top surgery..and it's extremely important to my survival. Any help is appreciated - even $1 of donation (and of course, all positive thoughts sent my way).



Nikki Lettera $10

A beautiful cause for a beautiful person :) love you Uncle Z <333

Jody Feldman $50

Happy to be back again to help get this done for you!

Karen Smith Henson 1 item
Carol Crews 1 item + $10

Great shirt! Andrew Smith put it up on Facebook. Best wishes to you, Zac!

Alex London 1 item + $10

It's great to help friends, but let's be honest...that T-shirt is awesome.

Matthew Luciano + Lexis Hohenstein 1 item

Honestly I'm using the last of my money for this because, I've been wanting a Vlad shirt forever & now I've got the chance to get one & help out my favorite author & idol.~Matt Wishing you luck and sending lots of love from FL!! ~Lex

Jordan Jacobs 2 items

Because Uncle Zac is an amazing person and he deserves as much happiness as possible in his life.

Anonymous 1 item + $25
Veronica Scott $30

Best wishes and a hug to a fellow author.

Brielle Harrison $25

I'm trans myself. If it weren't for the money I need for my own affairs or those trans friends of mine who also need donations, I'd give more. Best of luck.


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