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Mutts On Mission

Organized by Vanessa Wandersee
Mutts On Mission Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Raising money to give homeless animals the care and love they deserve!

All funds raised will go directly to Borders Without Boundaries Rescue .
41 items sold
$770 raised
100 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Royal
Organized by Vanessa Wandersee

About this campaign

Bob Barker, the former host of The Price is Right, is an influential advocate for the spay and neuter of pets.  Growing up in Mission, South Dakota, he has seen and personally experienced the lack of animal care in the area.  Borders Without Boundaries Rescue in Valentine, Nebraska is the closest animal shelter or rescue to Mission.  Taking in about 120 dogs from the area a year, the rescue is hardly able to make a dent in the stray dog population due to how severe is has become.  Because of the rescues dedicated staff and passion for dogs in need, they are currently building a new facility that is larger and will provide all inhabitants with a comfortable and stable environment until they are adopted.  I am very excited to be running my first marathon in June to benefit Borders Without Boundaries Rescue and would greatly appreciate your support.  Please see the full story for more information about Mutts On Mission. 

My very first marathon, 26.2 miles, is less than a month away.  While training for this race, I had decided I would run to benefit those who cannot speak for themselves...stray dogs.  The area I live in is unfortunately overrun with stray dogs, some that are sick with mange and/or starving.  These strays run the streets breeding and spreading illnesses, which is further adding to the problem.  Running or walking our dogs here is difficult, as stray dogs will follow and sometimes attack us, either out of aggression or fear.  Most strays, however, are very sweet animals that are just looking for a chance with a good family.  In October 2013, one such dog found his way into our hearts and never went back to his former life as a stray.  He was rescued from the streets at the age of one year old and is truly the perfect addition to our family. 
This marathon is dedicated to those dogs living in the streets in need of a loving home.  Borders Without Boundaries Rescue in Valentine, Nebraska is a wonderful facility run by volunteers and takes in these stray and sick animals, providing them with a clean bill of health before placing them into the perfect home.  Once healthy, staff provide these dogs with a foster family and perform home evaluations before adopting them out.  In addition to the dogs needing care in Valentine, the rescue takes in about 120 animals a year from our area in South Dakota.  The rescue currently houses dogs awaiting their forever home and is in the process of building a bigger facility for future use.  Because they are a non-profit rescue and are provided funding through donations, it has taken a long 7 years to complete the exterior of the new rescue building.  Staff are currently saving to install the interior wiring and walls so they may place kennels and move dogs in.  It is my heart's desire to assist in the completion of this building and see the sweet animals in the streets of our town get healthy and find a loving family.  Completing this new building will open many doors for this animal rescue and will greatly benefit those dogs in need.  Please help Borders Without Boundaries Rescue continue to provide dogs with expert care by supporting our cause!  Every penny earned is a step in the right direction, a step closer to the finish line, and one more reason to run 26.2 continuous miles.  Borders Without Boundaries Rescue, South Dakota's stray dogs, and I 'myself greatly appreciate your support.  It will not go unnoticed.


Chuck Mack 1 item
Mission/Valentine Community 13 items
April 1 item
Samantha Plank 1 item

We need to see a positive change in our community with the stray dogs. Kudos to Vanessa for working so hard to raise the money to help this organization!!!

mark d. omar m.d. 1 item + $225
Julie Yeager 1 item
Amanda "ADD" Gallant 1 item

Thank you Vanessa "Gibby" Wandersee for speaking for those who can't.

Monica Sukowski 1 item

I am so pleased to support this campaign and am so grateful for Vanessa's talent, generosity and loving heart. A small investment of kindness to one animal seems to generate unlimited happiness to both dogs and humans alike. ie: Oreo!...Great job Vanessa, Jack is smiling....

Colleen Parker 1 item

What a wonderful reason to buy a shirt I'll wear with joy!

Amanda 2 items + $10


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